Purse Happy Snacks, Ditch the Paper Bag…

It’s tough to eat healthy when you’re running around campus all day or working 9-5, not to mention what a hassle it is to pack then schlep with you a well-balanced lunch. (Whether it’s old school lunchbox style or the un-eco-friendly brown bag, they both are obnoxious, not to mention nerdy!)

Here are 5 easy go-to snacks I’ve been munching on recently that you can throw in your backpack or purse to keep you going, energized and happy!

#1 Energy/Protein Bars: These are ridiculously convenient to have on hand when your tummy begins to rumble during your boring lecture. I have compared the nutritional facts, calorie counts, sugar content, etc. ever since high school and have come to find my 3 favorite (pictured below.) PS: These are especially great pre- or post-workouts!

Check out this link for other great suggestions: Zeroing In On the Best Energy Bars

#2 Greek Yogurt: Chobani’s Plain 0% is only 100 calories but has 18 g. of protein! Super filling, too! I buy these and mix in fresh fruit for a snack. There are lots of brands to experiment with, yet Chobani is by far my favorite!

#3 Soy Nuts: In the mood for something crunchy and salty? STEP AWAY FROM THE POTATO CHIPS! I recently purchased a bag of Soy Nuts at Whole Foods and can’t stop eating them! They’re a great source of protein and one of those snacks you can aimlessly munch on while you study or watch TV (and not feel guilty about…) I throw a serving size of these babies into a zip-lock baggie and snack in between classes!

#4 Apple Sauce: I recently tried Mott’s new product: Harvest Apple PLUS! Calcium and I’m obsessed. I’ve always stuck with the Original but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself more and more turned off by sweet/sugary things. The PLUS! products have no sugar added AND the Harvest Apple has fortified Calcium in it, which we all can benefit from!

#5 Yogi Granola Crisps: Here is another great Whole Foods purchase! When I have cravings, rarely is it for a piece of cake or a chocolate fudge sundae…it’s usually for some kind of carb. I know, I’m weird. Anyway, this low-fat “delightfully crunchy snackable cereal” (as the bag describes) is full of oats, barley, spelt, quinoa (check out my last post,) amaranth, among other things. 20 g of whole grains per serving…Wowza! My favorite flavor (Mountain Blueberry Flax, shown below) has a sweet, berry taste. YUM! (Light bulb idea: throw a few of these in your Greek yogurt.)

So there you have it! My top 5 favorite snacks I’ve been LIVING on the past few hectic weeks.

Other easy things to keep around: Fruit, veggies (with and/or with out fat-free dip,) 100 calorie popcorn, nuts like almonds and walnuts, hummus (great with whole wheat pita or vegetables,) peanut butter (I eat this on a spoon for a snack all the time,) make-your-own-trail-mix…I could go on forever.

Check out these 2 links from Cooking Light for more ideas: Fitness-Friendly Snacks & Dietician-Approved.

Sprinkled with Love,



5 Responses to “Purse Happy Snacks, Ditch the Paper Bag…”

  1. Great ideas…I bought you popcorn and almonds today….yummmm!!

  2. We leave a dish of almonds around the house for snacking, HEALTHY!!!! Retirement lends itself to toooooo many unhealthy habits if you let it!!! Keeping active, tennis, outdoors, golf etc……………..Keep moving moving moving!!!!


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