Dinner and a Movie

Like I’ve mentioned in my past few posts, I’ve been a bit chaotic the past few weeks and have felt like I have consequently put my incredible boyfriend of 3 years on the back burner. I’m awful, I know. Mike is beyond patient, caring, supportive…the list could go on forever. He’s wonderful. Sorry, I’m not sorry, for getting so sappy. I consider myself one of the luckiest girls in the whole world to have found the “one” so early on in life. Want to slap me yet? ANYWAY, the reason for my long diversion is to shed light on why a date night was MUCH NEEDED this past Sunday. Dinner and a movie, classic. We have both been itching to see The Social Network so gave in and drove a few exits away towards the amazing Evergreen Walk in South Windsor, CT. The movie was terrific (I was impressed with the theater, as well: Showcase Imax Buckland Hill in Manchester CT.) If you haven’t seen it yet, you HAVE to. Seriously. In theaters. You cannot wait for it to be released on DVD, it is way too good. After leaving the theatre we decided to try out Burtons Grill, a place I have heard rave reviews about since my freshman year at UConn.

Side note: For those of you who do not live in the area, YOU’RE IN LUCK! There are 4 different Burtons Grills in Massachusetts and one in Virginia!

The South Windsor location offers upscale-casual American dining in a sleek atmosphere, with outdoor seating, as you can see in the image above, and is well-equipped with a gorgeous bar (AHH I TURN 21 IN LESS THAN 3 MONTHS!)

Mike and I were starving by the time we got there so almost immediately put in an appetizer order for the Spicy Chicken Dip. Fabulous. I don’t do well with really spicy things (I start sweating and get flushed cheeks, real attractive, I know…) but this I thoroughly enjoyed. The dip came with tortilla chips and put our growling tummys to rest for a bit while we waited for our meal.

I was super obnoxious when it came time to order my meal. What’s new? If you’ve been to a restaurant with me before, you know I ask the server like a gazillion questions…but after being raised in the restaurant business and working in two restaurants this past summer alone, I don’t think anything of it. Woops? Anyway, I couldn’t decided: salmon or chicken…or salad!? Mike and I started P90X yesterday so we both came to the conclusion we’d indulge and have our own little “Last Supper” before our crazed work-out/diet began. He ordered the Burtons Burger and I caved and got the Pan-Seared Chicken & Wild Mushroom Ravioli (great idea for my self-diagnosed lactose-intolerant self right?)

I attempted to take photos of all this to blog about BUT it is a nice place and I felt uncomfortable taking a lot so I apologize, here is one I quickly snapped.

The menu was innovative and had a fantastic variety of quality items. I cannot wait to go back and try something new! They even offer vegetarian and gluten-free menus! Cool, huh? Check out their Food Allergy Commitment. Why didn’t I know about places like this when I was a vegetarian!? It would have made dining out A LOT easier. Burtons Grill also has monthly features and alter their menus around seasonally, fun fact. OH and before I forget…THEY CATER. Next time I have a big event, I will no doubtably call them.

As Kevin Harron, president and cofounder of Burtons and 2007 Massachusetts Restaurant Association’s Man of the Year, said on the restaurant website’s “About” page: “Our strategy is simple. We commit to serving only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients, to employ passionate, driven people and train them to deliver consistent, considerate service. We keep our prices affordable, our atmosphere comfortable, and we work diligently to make sure we’re upholding our values.”

Eating in Love (this time, hehe)



3 Comments to “Dinner and a Movie”

  1. you should’ve included a super-embarrassing picture of mike in this post.

  2. I agree with the ginger.

  3. That sounds so nice Laur!! What a fun night, I have to see The Social Network…maybe Derek will see it with me haha.

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