Lactose-Intolerance, It’s a Bitch

I used to love milk. Every night with dinner growing up I would have a glass or two with dinner. BUT during my May term this year, I started to put two and two together and self-diagnosed myself lactose-intolerant. I’ve been feeling great ever since I cut dairy from my diet, but yes, it can be obnoxious. Quite a few people have recently asked me how I manage to live without milk, ice cream, etc. so I figured I’d quickly outline a few products that help make, what some would consider a curse, pretty tolerable.

Silk Soy Milk: My favorite is the Light Vanilla. It is a great source of calcium for only 80 calories (it’s low-fat) AND has 6 g. of protein per serving. It tastes awesome with cereal and in your coffee. I like the chocolate, as well! I was a fan of this stuff even before I had the revelation I was lactose-intolerant.

Smart Balance Butter: This is a healthier alternative to butter AND, depending on which buttery spread you chose, can be non-dairy and lactose-free among other things (0g trans fat, gluten-free…) I like the Omega-3 Light Buttery Spread the best. It is awesome on whole wheat toast, bagels or even great coating the pan before making eggs in the morning!

In the mood for ice cream? Lots of companies now have lactose-free products on the market (Breyers, Tofutti and Lactaid are a few options off the top of my head.) I really can’t taste a difference! To my fellow UConn huskies, they serve Tofutti in East’s Whitney Dining Hall!

Yogurts: Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free yogurts and kefirs deliver the great dairy taste, there is no compromise on that like other lactose-free products, and the probiotics other yogurts provide. The Plain is great if you add in fresh berries. Yum.

Over-the-Counter Lactase Enzyme Tablets: self-explanatory. It is always an easy, reliable way to enjoy meals you aren’t cooking yourself (I hate telling people that I don’t eat red meat or dairy products. I sound like such a snob!) Not only does it give me the flexibility to eat what I want, these tablets help me avoid the awkward or rude dinner table fux pas.

Sprinkled with Love,




8 Responses to “Lactose-Intolerance, It’s a Bitch”

  1. This is a great resource, I should do the same on my blog for my twit-project @Lacto_X, it aims to provide information and food product advice and suggestions for lactose intolerants in the UK.

    Good work! 🙂

  2. Gf, I feel you. I can’t eat dairy anymore and it’s a huge pain. I’m trying to find out if eating an abundance of dairy over a long period of time can cause intolerance because I used to eat cheese like it was the only food available…love your blog btw even though I refuse to cook. Miss ya.

    • Thanks Jill! I was the same way…I used to eat a bowl of ice cream every night for dessert and now I get sick after one bite! It’s such a pain because I love pizza, too! Next time you come to visit, come to 143 for dindin. Tay and I will cook for ya. Miss youuuu!

  3. Lactose intolerant? Glad you cleared that up!

  4. Lauren
    Love your blog. I also have a dairy problem. Ice cream kills me. Will have to look for Breyers product. Sorbet doesn’t quite do the trick. Also, I will pick up some Lactaid–Fast Act, because there are times it’s embarrassing to turn down someone’s home cooked meal that you know is not going to agree with you. PS Tofutti also makes a great cream cheese substitute.

  5. Very cute Lauren! I love your simple ideas about replacing the lactose containing products in your life with readily available alternatives. As a future doc, I generally don’t encourage ‘self-diagnosis’, but this is one of the exceptions. Good deductive work and excellent advice!


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