Gimme a Via!

Not only is it a cool trend to have a coffee in hand (Blackberry in another) while strolling around campus…as a college student it is a necessity to have a constant flow of caffeine to keep going! To be frank, I hated the beverage until I came to UConn and now will admit that I am a coffee-aholic. It is a PROBLEM. Living in walking distance to a Starbucks at school makes matters even worse.

The laid back but upscale atmosphere they provide is the perfect locale to meet up with friends or snuggle up (in their comfy lounge chairs) with a good book. Their fantastic coffeehouse soundtrack fosters the ideal studying environment. I’ve been spending an ABSURD amount of money on their fabulous drinks (stay tuned for a post on the best Fall flavors) so I decided to purchase the new Cinnamon Spice Via last time I went in to save some money ($6.95 for 6 packets, or 6 coffees!) Want to know what made things even better!? They had a great offer going on last week: get a free tall drink with the purchase of a 6-pack of Starbucks new Via flavored coffee. Success. I left with a Turkey and Swiss sandwich, my 6-pack of Via and my usual red eye with a splash of soy.

Anyway, back to the Via. It is obviously very convenient (pour in the packet, heat up water in the microwave/stove, pour it over the coffee, stir) and tasted great! I am a huge fan of the Cinnamon Spice, but will definitely look into their other flavors (vanilla, caramel and mocha.) Two thumbs up from me, Starbucks!

Sprinkled with Love,



One Comment to “Gimme a Via!”

  1. Nice Post! I loved the video clip that you inserted!

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