Seeding a Pomegranate is Possible Stain-Free? Yes.

I love pomegranates. They are delicious and super healthy, not to mention fun to eat! The only downside, though, is getting the edible seeds out successfully. To be blunt, cutting open a pomegranate never goes well for me…I always end up smooshing half the seeds or ruining my outfit with the juice’s splatter. Since it is pomegranate season and the grocery store had them displayed so wonderfully (on sale) when I walked in the other day, I was determined to find an effective, stain-free way to get to those little delicious seeds! Here is an innovative technique I found on! You will need a sharp knife and a large bowl of cold water.

Begin the tedious process by cutting off the crown.

Score, or make shallow cuts, into the skin running the knife from top to bottom. Duplicate this procedure until you have about 5 evenly spaced sections.

Now for the fun part. Submerge the fruit and pull the sections apart based on where you scored the skin. With your fingers, gently separate the membrane from the seeds. By putting it in water, you minimize the seed’s splatter.

The pomegranate seeds will sink to the bottom while the outer rind and pith will float on top of the water. Skim off this layer before draining.

Drain the water from the bowl and briefly rinse! Tada! Ready to go thanks to this stain-free method.

These tasty treats remind me of the holidays and are the perfect garnish for salads and desserts. I have come across mouth-watering guacamole and salsa recipes (check out the Pomegranate Cosmo I featured in my last post) I need to try, yet for this post I was happy just snacking on the jewel-like seeds all by themselves. Anyway, hope this trick helps!

Sprinkled with Love,


5 Responses to “Seeding a Pomegranate is Possible Stain-Free? Yes.”

  1. i want a pomegranate martini on friday!!

  2. I like how you forgot to mention how you were grumbling the whole time and ended up getting red stain on your hoodie.

    You will probably delete this comment.

    I love you.

  3. Your post brought back memories from college days, my girlfriend LOVED pomergranate

  4. … pomegranate martinis tonight? I’m not sure if they go so well with sushi!


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