Healthy Alternative to Swiss Miss

Nothing hits the spot better after a long, chilly day than a hot cup of cocoa. I usually am lazy and throw a packet of Swiss Miss into a microwaved mug of water, yet last night I decided to distract myself from my huge presentation I have today (hence why I’m blogging right now rather than practicing…oops?) to look into homemade hot chocolate. What did I learn? Hot Chocolate from scratch is quick, easy and a whole lot healthier. You don’t get the stomach ache after from the mass amounts of sugar (16 g. per Swiss Miss packet without the fun little marshmallows, mind you) yet it curves that decant, chocolate craving and warms you up from the inside out!

Sprinkled with Love’s Homemade Hot Cocoa
(ditch the cal’s and sugar!)
1 cup of Silk Soy Milk (Light Vanilla for the creamy taste without the calories)
1 tbsp water
1 tbsp cocoa powder
¼ tsp. vanilla or almond extract
Dash of salt and Splenda (to taste…I don’t like things too sweet)
Pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice for a festive flair!

If I had an espresso machine I’d totally throw a shot in there to get some caffeine, but I made do with what I had. A lot of recipes I saw sprinkled brown sugar or chocolate chips (even drizzled chocolate sauce) in there…although that doesn’t really follow my almost-no-sugar policy, add it in there if you see fit! Cocoa is really good for you actually, some articles I read said it has more antioxidants (almost 3x) than green tea! Check this link out for more fun facts and information on cocoa’s health benefits (fights cancer, heart disease and aging? Who would have thought!?) Cocoa is a natural appetite-suppressant and contains “beauty” minerals that promote healthy, glowing skin, strong nails and hair, among other things…so, moral of the story, drink up!

Sprinkled with Love,


6 Responses to “Healthy Alternative to Swiss Miss”

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I am your Mom’s friend. I have been doing Hot Cocoa this way for years. It is less expensive too. I use 1 teaspoon or a little more with a little water, perhaps a 1/4 of the cup, put in microwave for 30 secs. Stir, add low fat milk. Microwave till hot, no more than 2 minutes. I do not even use sugar or sweetener any more. I got used to the taste of the dark cocoa. I use Hershey’s cocoa and my favorite is Droste from Holland. If I cannot sleep at night, I get up and make the hot chocolate and read till I am sleepy again. You have added lots of extra things which I will try….. the cinnamon, , vanilla, almond. Here is one very special treat my father taught me way long ago. To a steaming Hot Chocolate, add a scoop of Vanilla ice cream!

  2. Wait, Swiss Miss isn’t healthy?

  3. just looked up this recipe at home so i could make some… added a dash of chai mix, some choc chips, marshmallows and nutmeg, yum!

  4. Swiss miss is terrible…. Headaches, nervousness, etc…. Nothing natural about it!


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