Foodie Fact Friday

This week’s top five food, health or fun fact stories in the eyes of Sprinkled with Love:

Wal-Mart Plans to Make Its House Brand Healthier (NY Times)
It’s about time…

Food Network Ratings Down (Huffington Post)
NOOOO! Dislike.

Moonshine’s Profile Rises in Los Angeles Bars (LA Times)
No comment necessary.

Teeth Whitening: 8 Home Remedies (Huffington Post)
Later Crest White Strips!

8 Reasons Carbs Help You Lose Weight (
Hip hip hooray! There is a God!



2 Comments to “Foodie Fact Friday”

  1. Nice Lauren! Good choices for top 5 articles! I especially enjoyed the moonshine article AND why I should eat carbs — I already do and anyways, I can’t help myself!!!! YummmmM! Keep em comin! And I can’t wait to post a pic on fb of my version of your awesome flaxseed pizza – I have all ingredients and pizza stone waiting… perhaps tomorrow night!

    • Thanks Julie! I thought some of those were either newsworthy, interesting and/or fun so felt like I should share! I think that will be a Friday tradition because I have gotten nothing but positive feedback. Good luck with the pizza, it was DELISH! My roommate has been begging me to remake it. Can’t wait to see pictures!

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