Ski Lodge Dining Tips

Healthy ski lodge dining can be hard to find and just plain inconvenient. To ensure stamina and functionality on the slopes, though, you have to start by refueling your body with nutritious food, not garbage. Below are some of my solutions to the unhealthy ski lodge dining rut!

Paper Bag It – Economical and healthy! You control what you pack for lunch, therefore managing the portion size and nutritional value of your overall meal. Fibrous carbohydrates and lean protein keep your energized and helps maintain your endurance throughout the day. Try turkey on a whole wheat wrap, rolled up with lots of veggies or Greek yogurt with granola. An apple with peanut butter or an orange are easy to transport and give you the nutrients you need with all that strenuous exercise.

The Good Ol’ H2O: Skiing, just like any other kind of physical activity, requires hydration. Your body simply needs water after the demand it has endured on the slopes. Dehydration can be detrimental in combination with high altitudes so grab a bottle of water or a sports drink with electrolytes instead of a soda or coffee, which can simply dehydrate you more! Is it weird that I have always secretly wanted one of those CamelBak hydration packs? Come on…they’re pretty bad ass.

Snackity Snack: I’m a big snacker, partially because I turn into a cranky monster when hungry. Beware. Anyway, throw an easily accessible snack in your ski jacket pocket to munch on while you sit on the lift. You’ll be glad you did, especially if you skipped breakfast. Trail mix, almonds and protein bars (as seen here) are perfect go-to snacks that will keep you fueled until you can make a pit-stop for lunch.

Make Good Choices: Ha, I know it sounds like what your parents said to you in high school before going out…but by this I mean choosing wisely, the healthy option. Sometimes it is easier to listen to your grumbling stomach rather than your brain. Instead of taking your time in the herd of hungry skiers, you grab whatever is in reach to get in line faster. Take your time! There are salad options or healthy sandwiches, sometimes buried but they’re there. It may seem obvious but, think and/or read the nutrition facts before purchasing.

Mountains may differ in terrain, but one thing seems to stay fairly consistent: ski lodge dining. Next time you suit up for the slopes I hope you keep my healthy tips in mind to ensure more time shredding up the double black diamonds and less time relaxing indoors with your feet up. Get your money’s worth of that expensive lift ticket. It starts with what you put in your body.

Sprinkled with Love,


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