Mother/Daughter Time

My Spring Break has been pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself. No, I’m not in Punta Cana or cruisin’ along the Bahamas but I have been relaxing and hanging out with my family, which in my opinion trumps all. Being home grounds you and clears your head like nothing else…just what I needed. On Tuesday, I had to go in to Manhattan for an early appointment (4:50 a.m. alarm, yikes) so my mom came with and we had a wonderful time galavanting around. We shopped, laughed, ate, drank and saw a broadway show. Now, that’s what I call fun.

Time Square

We knew we wanted to see an evening show so stuck around the hustle and bustle of touristy Time Square. Before getting in the TKTS line, which opened at one, we stopped for an excellent lunch at L’Ybane Wine Bar where we shared salads and a delicious hummus appetizer. Next, my mom and I had to decide which show we wanted to see. I was pulling for Memphis, my mom Phantom of the Opera (bleh…) but we both came to a decision in my favor.

We were so cold we stopped in the M&M store to warm up

The next few hours we did what girls do best, shop. It was cold (and as you can see I wasn’t wearing nearly enough layers) so my mom and I popped in and out of stores in Times Square. The massive, 4-floor Forever 21 was where we spent most of our time. I was in heaven. The pretty florals and bright spring colors were a breath of fresh air after the rainy, miserable weather we’ve been experiencing. I am so over winter! Anyway, I bought a few things (including the scarf above), got a grande Red Eye from Starbucks so I didn’t pass out and before we knew it, it was dinner time. My blisters throbbed and the wind was howling so my mom and I settled for a Hard Rock Cafe nearby. I’ve never been to one, plus it stuck with our touristy trip so it just felt right.

Quick slideshow of the skyline at sunset, by yours truly

Before the show, we decided cocktails were a must so went to The View Lounge in at the New York Marriott Marquis hotel, which is a 360° revolving lounge on the 48th floor, to watch the sunset. It was beautiful, the drinks were great and we both of us sighed in satisfaction too many times to count. 7:00 rolled around before we knew it and we shuffled (literally, I have the blisters to prove it) across the street to the Shubert Theatre for Memphis, the 2010 Tony Award’s Best Musical!

UGHHhh It. Was. Incredible. I would see it again…and again. The music, costumes, set design, choreography and story line were all fantastic. Based in the 1950s in Memphis, Tennessee, the show follows a forbidden love story between a white DJ and a black club singer alongside the growing popularity of rock ‘n’ roll music. If you’re looking for an all American broadway musical, rich with history and culture, this is your show! I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack. Below are my two favorite songs.

Ah…it gives me chills!

Love, love, love!

So yeah, our impromptu mother/daughter day trip was fabulous, to say the least. Hopefully by the time I’m in there this summer I’ll know my way around. (Let’s hope I’m there to begin with…) Just a few more days before I head back to school. Back to reality. Ahh I’m enjoying my time off too much, I don’t want to go back just yet!

Sprinkled with Love,


4 Responses to “Mother/Daughter Time”

  1. loove your blog! looks like you’re having so much fun on springbreak! makes me wish i still had one!

    brittney from

  2. Best day ever!! Thanks for spending it with me! I love you!

  3. The one time I went to NYC we saw Wicked and it was AMAZING! I love New York, it’s one of my favorite cities! We just ended our spring break and my boyfriend and best friends all went to VEGAS. I highly recommend going, it’s definitely an adult playground 🙂


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