Wings of Nature Bars

I have a new obsession: Fresh Harvest’s Wings of Nature organic health bars. I was lucky enough to recently receive a few to sample and can’t wait to get my hands on more. These gluten and cholesterol free, low in sodium, vegan/dairy free, vegetarian, certified organic and kosher ― the list goes on and on― bars are a treat!

Unlike other fruit and granola bars, these are manufactured using a “cold process” (never baked or cooked) to help maintain their natural flavors and textures, preserving the overall nutritional value of ingredients.

What I especially like about them, besides the taste, is the fact that every ingredient has been organically grown, handled and processed so there are no preservatives or additives! Not to mention they make for the perfect purse happy snack for on-the-go.

Plus, no trans fats. Check out the label: all healthy and natural ingredients. Like.

Crunchy, naturally sweet and surprisingly filling! Full of healthy nuts, seeds and dry fruit, Wings of Nature bars are nutritious and delicious. They have my seal of approval.

The Espresso Coffee Bars are definitely my favorite with the occasional crunch and rich flavor of roasted coffee beans. Mmm! The Cranberry Crunch, pictured above, was a fruity, healthy sweet tooth remedy. There is also an Almond Raisin flavor, which I did not have the opportunity to sample. I’m sure it is fabulous. To find out more information or to purchase online, check out the Wings of Nature website. For my New York readers, check out the Whole Foods in the NY Metro Area or Columbus Circle. I wish I grabbed some when I was in Manhattan last week! Email me or comment if you have any questions.

Sprinkled with Love,



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  1. Yummm….share with your family!!

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