Green-ify Your Sandwich

I am a person of habit. Once I find something I like, I simply can’t get enough of it! Although I enjoy spontaneity from time to time, I typically stick with my planned and known comfort (whether it be food, scheduling tactics, clothing brands, etc.) Coinciding with this epiphany, my lunch recently has remained fairly consistent: turkey wraps. I’m going through a phase where I simply can’t get through my day without a solid sandwich. After returning back to school Sunday, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up what I needed for the week, which of course included my new lunch necessities.

Near the deli line, I came across Joseph’s Flax Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Lavash Bread. They looked great, I liked the “Reduced Carb, Reduced Fat and High Protein” concept plus saw that they were only 50 calories! Sold…

It wasn’t until I was unloading my groceries that I took a closer look and saw the “*per serving.” Fail. I hate misleading advertising! Still, you can’t beat 100 calories. They’re light, soft and easy to stuff a lot into!

Anyway, my typical wrap fix-ins have recently included hummus, alfalfa sprouts, cucumbers, spinach, turkey and swiss cheese.

The hummus (and/or avocado, if you have it) serves as a great substitute to fatty condiments like mayonnaise and adds an interesting texture alongside the fresh crunch of the sprouts, spinach and cucumber. Wraps like these provide the perfect opportunity to sneak in your daily serving of vegetables! In honor of St. Patty’s day, load up on the greens!

What does your typical lunch consist of? Do you play it safe, like me, trusting your routine and habits or are you more spontaneous?

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Green-ify Your Sandwich”

  1. Perfect for St. Patty’s Day!

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