I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately…I’m currently in a bit of a waiting limbo in regards to my summer plans, not the best feeling. Plus, I’ve been super stressed about the crazy amount of group projects the Communications Department springs on us toward the end of the semester. Yuck. Add to the list chaotic over-programming from multiple extra curriculars, bad weather, etc. Double UGH. Can you relate? Here are a few ways I’m been trying to alleviate my funk. What do you do to get back to the good ol’ you?

#1: Trying out new recipes (like the Coconut Crusted Tofu last week)…stuffing my face always seems to be the best stress remedy

#2: Workin’ on my fitness by changing up my workout regiment (cardio, P90x Plyos, weight training…)

#3: Cleaning/doing laundry (both of which are top on my to do list) – there is something soothing about rolling up your sleeves and completing a given task, don’t you agree?

#4: Watching a TV episode (or 2…) online in bed – I’ve been catching up on this season’s Modern Family, great if you need a good laugh!

#5: Get a solid playlist going – music is such a glorious mood-shifter. My “Chill” playlist cools me down and eases my mind like nothing else!

On another note, UConn men are going to ROCK tonight! I can’t wait to watch the huskies defeat the bulldogs for the NCAA March Madness Championship. Any fun plans for the evening? To head to the bar or not to head to the bar – that is the question…

PS: Happy Birthday Dad!

Sprinkled with Husky Love,


One Comment to “De-Funkify”

  1. Such a fun post to read šŸ™‚ That coconut tofu looked yum!

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