Old Bay

After a long (but very good) day yesterday, I came home to find a small package with my name on it sitting on our kitchen table. Am I the only one who still gets ridiculously excited over receiving mail? Like a small child, I drop everything I’m doing to rip open the box or envelope in question to reveal its contents…which is just what I did last night. My roomies and I never check the mail. Like ever so goodness knows how long this has been sitting in our mailbox waiting for me. Anyway, inside I found Old Bay Seasoning with a note from my uncle…Uncle Bill, you’re the best!

Old Bay is used on virtually everything down in Baltimore, where my mom’s side of the family is from, yet hard to find up here in New England. I have been looking everywhere for it, to no avail. It makes seafood and other meat taste amazing with it’s zesty flavor, not to mention snacks like popcorn or veggies. I cannot wait to try it on my roasted chickpeas! You know how certain foods or smells reminds you of something? This seasoning brings me back to my routes and reminds me of family, fun memories in Charm City and good eatin’.

Thanks again, Uncle Bill! You made my day. Just wait for the recipes I’m going to make with this schtuffffff…yum! What seasoning can you not live without? What flavors remind you of home?

Sprinkled Generously with Old Bay,


2 Comments to “Old Bay”

  1. Yay!!! I’m so glad the Old Bay finally made it to you! I made Dad put that in the mail since he is retired and is looking for errands to run and things to do to fill the time – hahaha! I was heartbroken when I read your post about cooking pumpkin seeds without Old Bay so I picked some up from the grocery store for you. I had that stuff laying around the house for you for months and realized that I would never get it to the post office, so I sent it off with Dad. He’s the best! Glad it brightened your day and can’t wait to get some of your fun and healthy recipes using my favorite Baltimore spice!!!
    ps. forwarding your post to Dad – he will absolutely love it!!!

  2. Awesome!! The best spice ever! The only other spice that I love as much is, “Jane’s Crazy Mixed up Salt.” Been using it as long as I can remember.

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