Saturday Summary

Yesterday was pretty fabulous. My alarm went off at 6 a.m. and after a full night of rest, I popped out of bed, had a light breakfast (a protein ball and banana) before heading down to the beach for a morning jog. Come to find out, my iPod Nano was dead, total bummer, so I resorted to using my iPhone for some jams and tried out the Nike+ GPS app in the process. Two thumbs up! The app utilizes GPS to track your distance and pace, notifies you at each mile marker, has a “cheering” option (gotta love me some positive reinforcement) anddddd allows you to select playlists/songs from your iTunes. Downside = I hate having to hold my new cellular device while getting sweaty, especially when my armband for my Nano is so convenient. Regardless, iPhone users, get this app. Forgot to mention: it’s FREE! Anyway, back to recapping my Saturday. After working my tail off all morning at work (a local, healthy breakfast/lunch place in town) I was able to swiftly shift gears after a shower and some sprucing up for my little sister’s senior prom! Kru’s new camera conveniently refused to turn on so she consequently had to borrow mine, leaving me to document every move of the gorgeous gal via my phone.

It is tradition for senior prom-ers to head to the town green for photos so my friend, Katie, and I walked around, playing paparazzi, feeling incredibly old. More of that “nostalgia” from last post, amplified by the fact that we knew next to no one there besides my sister, her closest friends and a few prom goer siblings, like me, who we went to school with *back in the day.* My sister looked stunning, as usual, and the senior class could not have asked for a more beautiful day. How elegant was her TSwift-inspired hair!?
What makes for your perfect Saturday?

Sprinkled with Love,


6 Comments to “Saturday Summary”

  1. The Nike+ GPS app is really great for the iphone. I use it if I go for a walk and I don’t have my Garmin. I don’t think I would want to run with my phone, but its a nice option!

  2. That app sounds really cool! My sister had prom last week and I know what you mean about feeling old!

  3. That app sounds awesome! I love your shoes in the picture with your family too!!

  4. Perfect Saturday: running in the morning (it’s the summer, this Saturday), then shopping in the LATE morning, then in the afternoon a bubble bath, getting my hair and nails done, getting all ready for a night out to a dance partay, making the most of it by staying till SUNDAY!! Check out my blog, Beautiful Busy Bee. Thanks!

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