Monday Cuisine

Today started off early. I woke up — thanks to my own mental alarm clock — at 4:15. Yes, a.m. and yes, it was still dark out. After ignoring my sleepy eyes and tight hamstrings (as a result of the Branford 5-mile Road Race I competed in yesterday), I thew on my running shoes for a 3-mile course near my house. It felt great to breathe in the crisp, summer air and work out the kinks in my cramped legs, all the while be guided solely by the glow of a flashlight. I ate a solid breakfast, showered and before I knew it, I was on the train into Grand Central. Rise and grind! Gotta love Mondays…

I met up with my friend, Chelsea, for lunch in Bryant Park. (We commuted in this morning again together. Her last day of her co-op is tomorrow, total bummer. I’m going to miss my train buddy!) The weather was gorgeous — not too hot and not too cold — so I was psyched to catch a few rays during my lunch break! My metabolism has been running wild with the mileage I put in running this weekend so I indulged in a veggie-filled salad and roll of sushi (salmon, avocado and roe wrapped in cucumber) from Zeytinz Fine Food Market Place. It was just as good as it looks, if not better!

At 6, I got out of my internship and met up with my friend, Laura, for dinner in West Village after a few stops on the subway, which I might add I’m starting to get the hang of…somewhat. We decided that Hummus Place looked appetizing after coming to the conclusion we wanted something light, fresh and summery. It was all that and more…plus outdoor seating to enjoy prime people watching. Check out my gorgeous “Health Salad” made of freshly cut tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley and onions. Crunchy and full of flavor!

For an entree, we split the “Hummus Fava” which was topped with fava beans, Tahini, hard boiled egg, olive oil and spices. DIVINE! Instead of eating it with the pita, I spooned it onto my salad.

Laura opted to do the same with her “Tabule Quinoa” dish. She was raving about it, respectfully so! Yum.

Before heading back to her beautiful apartment, where I’m currently enjoying the comfort of her couch, we stopped by Phileo Yogurt for some dessert. I got a heavenly combination of non-fat chocolate, cappuccino and strawberry froyo topped with fresh raspberries. Holy cannoli! It was glorious. I’m not one for sweets or desserts, but every once in a while you deserve to treat yourself. I savored every last bite. All in all, another great day in the city. Now it’s time for me to get some shut eye and be grateful to be able to wake up with barely a commute tomorrow…just a few blocks to walk! It will be great exercise. Special thanks to Laura for letting me crash on her couch! Night, all!
What are your favorite froyo flavors and toppings?

Sprinkled with Love,


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