Patriotic Picnic and Party Wear

The fourth of July provides, hands down, the most fun weekend of the summer. Parades, fireworks, bikinis, BBQ, fruity cocktails, socializing galore…all to celebrate the Independence Day of our fine country and express the love we collectively share for being an American. One of my favorite aspects of the weekend? Getting to showcase my infatuation with blue and white, nautical attire (as seen here). With a tasteful punch of red accessories, you, too, can manifest your pride for the U.S. of A. in a chic manner. Please, spare us all and refrain from sporting the tacky American flag tee you pull out of storage once a year! Haha…I mean that kindly, of course, and am simply looking out for you!

1. American Apparel Red Poly Canvas Bow Hair Clip, $14
2. Madewell Paint-Stroke Tank, $29.50
3. Madewell Nightfall Solid String Bikini Top, $29.50
4. Rachellecelene Knot Earrings, $32
5. Michael Kors Women’s Chronograph Gold Tone Watch, $275
6. Zara Clutch with Brootch, 29.99
7. Sperry Women’s Navy Red Stripe Jellyfish Thong, $40
8. Madewell Optic Clipboard Shorts, $59.50
9. American Apparel Neon Red Nail Polish, $6 

Happy 4th of July! I wish you nothing but a wonderful, relaxing weekend full of fruit salads, romantic firework smooches and stylish red, white and blue outfits.

Sprinkled with Love,


3 Comments to “Patriotic Picnic and Party Wear”

  1. Happy 4th love! I love all things nautical and striped, so this collage is perfect!

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