(Thumbs Up Sign) Like.

I have a little less than two weeks left of summer before…gulp…I begin my senior year of college. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? For today’s post, I decided to round up my favorite things I’ve discovered and/or relied on the past few months. No, they do not include raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, although it’s hard to say “favorite things” without thinking back on my childhood obsession with Julie Andrews and The Sound of Music soundtrack. Let’s just say the products below have Sprinkled with Love’s seal of approval, whether you are on the prowl for a protein-powered snack or a beauty product for flawless skin. You’re welcome.

1. got2b POWDER’ful Volumizing Styling Powder, $12.98
Between my commuting and the humidity, my hair has been unpredictable lately, to put it lightly. Shake a little of this stuff in your hands, rub it together and work into your roots for instant va va voom! See you never bad hair days!
2. Covergirl ‘Marble’ NaturalLuxe Gloss Balm, $6.49
I’m not going to lie, I bought this simply because it’s endorsed by Taylor Swift. I’m a sucker for print ads, I know. Regardless, this balm looks chic without the sticky or cakey feeling of a gloss/stick. Plus SPF 15? Win.
3. Peas and Thank You: Simple Meatless Meals the Whole Family Will Love by Sarah Matheny, $13.64
In need of some new vegetarian recipes? One of my favorite bloggers, Sarah from Peas and Thank You, recently released her first book in which I, no joke, read cover to cover one night on my train ride home. Hilarious, fun with mouth-watering pictures. Now that’s my kind of book!
4. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Primer Skin Transformer, $7.94
People scoff when I tell them one of my biggest fear is getting wrinkles. This primer keeps my makeup from melting off my face in the sweaty city while keeping my young skin looking radiant. Let’s see who has the last laugh a few years down the road!
5. Nathan L.E.D. Safety Strobe, $5.99
My dad purchased this techy lifesaver for me when I started my internship so I could safely run in the dark (whether that was before or after the sun was up). It has a bunch of different flashing settings to keep you safe on the road and clips right onto your running apparel. Thanks, dad!
6. Clif Bar Chocolate Mint Builder’s 20g Protein Bar, $21/12 pack
I’m a big Thin Mints fan so any food with the savory combo of chocolate and mint is right up my ally. These all natural protein-packed bars are not only delish but are made from soy and nuts instead of whey, which upsets my sensitive tummy. I’m buying these babies in bulk to bring back to school for lunch in between (or during) class!
7. Yes to Tomatoes Acne Daily Pore Scrub, $9.99
I have suffered from acne since my early tween years and have FINALLY found a skin care routine that works for me in managing breakouts. I love this all natural product line, but in particular adore the scrub with its ground mango seeds/bamboo exfoliate, tomatoes, ginger root and bisabolol ingredients alongside salicylic acid treatment. Bye, bye blackheads.
8. Sally Hansen Electric Shock Salon Effects, $8
Who doesn’t like a funky, neon nail color in the summer? I rocked these for over a week (yes, they last that long!) and got SO many compliments! Easy, no mess and long-lasting. Stick on your favorite wild pattern or color and you’re good to go, girlfriend!
9. Sperry Silver Leather Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe, $85
Do I even need to explain why I love these? Sperry Boat Shoe. Check. Metallic silver. Check. Comfortable. Check. Shall I go on? These boat shoes are my pride and joy. They can be worn any season and make any outfit go from drab to fab.
10. Crispy Green Crispy Mangoes, $7.99/6 pack
Hate bringing messy fruit on-the-go with you? These 100% freeze-dried mangoes have a crunch and sweetness that will have you skipping the bag of chips. They’re super low-cal and are perfect, healthy cure for a sweet tooth!
11. Svelte Chocolate Hello Beautiful Protein Drink, $3.29
Like I’ve mentioned, whey protein doesn’t sit well with me. This soy protein drink is delicious, nutritious (without all the fat, sugar or calories) and made from organic ingredients. Plus they keep you full! Attention all coffee lovers, the cappuccino flavor is divine.

Well, there you have it! Try ’em out…let me know what you think.
What are you summer must-haves? 

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Responses to “(Thumbs Up Sign) Like.”

  1. I just got some of those sperry’s 🙂 just a little bit sassy and I love em!


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