Food Processor Fro-Yo

For as long as I can remember, my favorite pastime has been flipping through the glossy pages of magazines, tearing out anything of interest to gawk at or refer back to in the future. My book shelves at home are stacked with binders full of smokey eye tutorials, messy updos, recipe findings and chic interior inspiration, which is why when I discovered Pinterest, I was ecstatic to learn that I wasn’t alone in my quirky hobby. My pastime has now reached a whole new level. An obsession. An addiction. For those of you who haven’t checked out this marvelous site yet…get on it. Seriously. Instead of ripping pages out of your coveted Lucky, EatingWell or Better Homes and Gardens, simply “pin” an image of your lusting online, onto different “boards.” For those of you who fall in love, there is a Pinterest app for on-the-go pinning. Follow me!

Now, there is a reason for rambling on about my newfound craze. I have found a plethora (woah, big word) of mouth-watering recipes and foodie ideas for SWL, including this concept of food processor fro-yo. It’s easy peasy and a healthy way to satisfy that nagging sweet tooth without the fat/calories. Simply throw a frozen banana (feel free to add in your other frozen fruit faves, too!) and two tablespoons of cocoa powder into the food processor and pulse until smooth. If you want a peanut butter cup twist add in a tablespoon or two of crunchy nut butter (as pictured above)! Top with berries, chopped mint, coconut flakes and/or a sprinkle of coffee grounds for an extra burst of flavor. Guilt-free dessert, ahh-thank you! PS: Can you believe it? Two dessert posts IN A ROW over here! Craziness!

Sprinkled with Love,


One Comment to “Food Processor Fro-Yo”

  1. Yummm and dad was asking for ice cream tonight, but our freezer is empty….really, because of the storm!!

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