Life According to Instagram

It’s October. One month of my senior year has come and gone already. Is this real life? Someone pinch me. I came in this year differently than ever before with one thing on my mind, to focus purely on enjoying my last year as a husky…soaking it up for all it’s worth. Instead of staying in, worrying about next week’s exam, a pressing deadline or the scariest, my future, I decided this year was going to have a little less anxiety and A LOT more fun. I need to live up my last college year whether my GPA likes it or not. Right? Ok, ok that’s a little extreme but you get what I’m saying. I may be spending less time in the kitchen or in front of my computer, blogging last night’s meal but that’s not because I don’t love Sprinkled with Love or you, for that matter. It’s just that I’m currently a little distracted with the wonderful, exciting world whizzing around me. I’ll let my Instagrams do the storytelling of last week…

Raw fish with fresh ginger in my belly? Like. Finding hot dogs for my besties while tailgating Saturday’s game? Mission accomplished. A much needed manicure with OPI’s new Get in the Espresso Lane? Check. A home-cooked meal Sunday night (unpictured) and getting to pat my buddy, Nate, on the head? Good boy. All in all, things are pretty good on my end. Except for my achilles tendon issues but I won’t get into the fact that I’m an accident-prone mess, falling apart one limb at a time. Focusing on the good!

Sprinkled with Love,
PS: I swear I’ll have some recipes up here soon…that is what my blog is supposed to revolve around, right? 


5 Comments to “Life According to Instagram”

  1. Lauren! Love your mission for your senior year – that’s the way to do it girl! ENJOY!

  2. Taylor looks a bajillion times cuter than I. Send me our roomie pic!

  3. Love the photos! Wishing you a beautiful senior year, darling. XO

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