Winter Workout Gear

Don’t let Mother Nature dictate your workouts this winter! Dress appropriately in layers, take proper safety precautions (reflective year and running buddies!) and even consider trying the exciting competition the season has to offer. Hip hip hooray for pond hockey! I am itching to lace up my skates. Below are a few of my favorite pieces of this year’s winter workout season that will keep you dry and warm as you hit the pavement the next few months. From a cute Athletica headband (with the innovative and incredibly functional ponytail hole) to the lightweight Nike Frees built for training in cold conditions, there is no excuse to fall into hibernation once snow covers the ground. 

1. Athleta Base Miles Headband, $19
2. Athleta White/Mercury Moorland Top, $84
3. Nike Women’s Thermal Fleece Running Gloves, $20
4. Amphipod Micro-Light Flashing Reflective Arm Band, $16
5. ASICS Zircon Reflective Jacket, $90
6. Nike Free TR Fit Neo Turquoise Winter Women’s Training Shoe, $85
7. Brooks Women’s Utopia Thermal Pant, $85

Not an outdoorsy kind of person? Consider getting your cardio fix inside at a local indoor track. If you’re a gym rat like me, keep yourself on your toes by filling your iPod with new music you will look forward to jamming out to and schedule your workout around your favorite TV show. Arc trainer + morning talk shows = best of both worlds! Time flies, you get a sweat going and you are filled in on what’s going on in the world, thanks to Kathie Lee & Hoda.

Sprinkled with Love,


3 Comments to “Winter Workout Gear”

  1. I love the idea of watching you play pond hockey~ at the BOA? Fun!!!

  2. Love these pieces! I just took inventory of my winter workout gear the other day…and I think I’m in pretty good shape. I do need a headband/skull cap or something though. And I second the ponytail holder thing! I have a lululemon winter running shirt with a hood, and built in ponytail holder. AWESOME!

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