Keep Calm and Study on

It’s. Here. The time of the year every college student loathes…FINAL EXAMS! Insert weeping, stressed, frustrated and sleep-deprived emoticon here. Instead of getting your panties (ew, I hate that word) in a knot, check out the list of food I compiled that will help keep you energized and concentrated on that study guide for a healthy, successful exam week.

Suggested Snacks:
Whether you crave crunchy, salty or sweet, noshing is just plain soothing. I am a big fan of grazing on popcorn made over the stovetop (with olive oil and nutritional yeast)! Mini 100-calorie snacks (cookie packs, yogurt covered pretzels, etc.), graham crackers, fruit cups, apple slices with peanut butter, granola, homemade trail mix and veggie sticks are all great library nibblers without the sugar overload. Check out Fitnessista’s Raw Granola recipe. Looks to die for!

Brain boosters:
Omega-3s for learning, memory and overall brain health. Found in salmon, albacore tuna, nuts, kiwi, ground flaxseed, etc.
Complex carbs to stabilize glucose levels to fuel brain functions. Try oatmeal, whole wheat breads/pastas and starchy vegetables.
Dark Chocolate…flavonoid-rich, naturally caffeinated and obviously delicious. What’s not to love? Snack on individual Dove Almond Dark Chocolate Silk Smooth Promises to get both the chocolate AND omega-3s. Win, win.
Berries, which scientists believe protect your brain and aid in building connections between cells. If you’re on a budget, add frozen berries to Greek yogurt, cereal, whole grain muffins or snack as is. I eat frozen raspberries and blackberries for dessert.
Leafy greens sharpen your brain and protect it from brain damage so fill your plate up with a salad monster!
Eggs help maintain the structure of your brain’s cell membrane with choline. Start your day off with a solid breakfast of scrambled eggs and you’ll be ready to bubble in those scantron tests.

 When it comes to studying, I swear by my color corrodinated study guides! Make them ahead of time and run through them once or twice a day the week leading up to the exam. Get your sleep the night before, destress with a light workout if you can squeeze it in and think positively! Best of luck to my fellow test takers!
How do you study? Any suggestions for a successful ?

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Keep Calm and Study on”

  1. Awesome Lauren. Love the study snacks and can say from personal experience that studying with the wrong food can be disastrous (~20lbs in med school, now thankfully gone). So, I love the ideas and also love the picture header on your page! So cute and look at those legs girl – rock and roll! Ok, so I was just going to add one of my fav study approaches because I love it and it really works (at least it did for med school). Type your notes for a class (or a couple of classes on one subject) in powerpoint and arrange onto a slide. Use one slide for each ‘section’ of study. Use bright colors and don’t forget to add lots of pictures! Print and your done. It’s a fun easy way to put all that you need to know for one topic onto a single page! I have about 2 years of med school and 4 years of PhD lab work ALL on ppt (1 slide per day!).
    ps. can’t wait to bring your healthy pumpkin cookies to Johnny and Peggy’s this holiday season!

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