Birfday Recap

I had a great day yesterday…excluding my exams. Those were NOT fun but hey, they’re over! Here is a look at the celebration that took place last night.

 The evening started off with the typical roommate photo shoot, courtesy of Taylor’s iPad. Speaking of Tay, how chic are those metallic Zara pants? She could rock a paper bag. I’m envious. PS: did you notice my hair!? I chopped it all off on Wednesday somewhat spontaneously. I guess that’s what finals week does to you.

After posing for photos, I opened the beautifully wrapped gift from my girlies. They’re so thoughtful and know me all too well.

We then headed into Hartford, where Emily was able to meet up with us for dinner at Trumbull Kitchen. It was absolutely incredible. We started with drinks (their signature cocktails are out of this world!) and a spinach artichoke dip appetizer. How about that for an action shot?

For an entree, I ordered the pan seared char special which was served over mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and snow peas. Every last bite was consumed.  

Taylor got the BBQ Pork Sandwich…

Emily went with the Seafood Pad Thai…

and Gianna ordered the Grilled Marinated Hanger Steak. We couldn’t stop talking about how good everything was and we were so full that pants had to be unbuttoned in the car. TMI? All in all I could not have been happier. I’m blessed to have such amazing friends and family. A special thanks to those who made my special day so darn special. Love you all!

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Birfday Recap”

  1. Happy belated birthday!! Love the new haircut, it looks great!

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