Here Goes Nothing!

Drum roll please…last night I signed up for my first half-marathon, The More/Fitness Magazine race through Central Park, to be exact. Let the 12 week training begin! Luckily, to keep me going and on track for the upcoming event, I have three amazing running buddies who will be competing with me: Emily, Brynne and Amanda. Now, this was not a spur of the moment decision whatsoever. Completing a half-marathon has been a goal of mine for quite some time now, but one of those things that I have let fall by the wayside with the chaos of school, work and internships. By signing up and forking out the $85, though, there will be not backing out this time. Plus, now that I have announced the news on the blog, I have YOU to cheer me on every step of the way.

I stay in pretty good shape with a mix of weight training, cardio and my new found love of yoga (Power Vinyasa is my favorite!), but I needed a concrete training guide to help track my progress. After a lot of research, I decided to create my own plan, based on what I personally have seen results from alongside what fits within my unusual spring schedule. I basically used a combination of Shape Magazine’s Half-Marathon training with Women’s Health cross training and P90x moves. I know things will change and there will be lots of rest days sprinkled in but I wanted to aim high. I plan to keep a fitness journal of reps/weight. Get ready for a lot more fitness-related posts over here on SWL! Anywho, after a tough week of workouts, I decided to take rest day today and celebrate Mike’s 24th birthday the best way we know how: lots of football and a new chili recipe (post coming soon!), which is currently simmering on the stove. I hope you had an incredible weekend!
Half/full marathon completers: any training advice? How do you stay inspired and on track? 

Sprinkled with Love,


6 Comments to “Here Goes Nothing!”

  1. I’m not yet a half completer, but hope to be in March. Your training plan looks good!

  2. Congrats, Lauren! So exciting. Running a half-marathon is definitely a huge commitment, but I know that you will be able to follow through on your plan and do well!

  3. This is such a huge step! (one that I haven’t completed yet, but hope to). Best wishes for a smooth training plan. While I haven’t completed a half marathon (yet), I find that I actually run faster/longer when listening to podcasts or audiobooks. When I do go the music route, Daft Punk (esp. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger) is a great running motivator for me. =)

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