Some of my earliest memories running were with my father. I used to ride my bike alongside him as he jogged a 3-mile loop around our neighborhood. After gaining strength and working to increase my distance, I began joining him in my early teens. We’ve been running partners ever since, pushing one another regardless of the weather or terrain. The roads around the place I’ve called home since I was six are curvy, the miles of wooded area gets to be monotonous and the hills are, well they’re hills! Although dreadful to endure, the most important running (and arguably life) lessons I have learned are from my experience with these steep obstacles.

I must have been around 13. It was early in our run and we were half-way through the daunting hill that I always try to avoid. I studied my dad with my peripheral vision as I listened to him guide me with each stride. “Lift your knees. Let your legs and butt do the work,” he said. “Relax your upper body and breathe.” When we got to the top and caught our breath, he told me the story of his brother, the uncle I never got the chance to meet but the family member I most resemble. “When I hit a wall or think I can’t go any further, I think of Bo and how he never gave up. It gives me strength to keep going.” Those words resonated with me at a young age and still find their ways into my head when I least expect it. Whether it’s a word you implant in your head (like my yogi suggested during last week’s practice), a saying or even someone, inspiration like this helps you power through anything life throws your way. It’s that “little guy on your shoulder,” as my high school field hockey coach used to say, that pushes you to overcome whatever stands between you and your goal. Emily recently tweeted the inspiring “Runner’s Creed” to me and after starting my training yesterday, I figured I would share it with all of you. The clip made me really think about my newest endeavor and how devoted I am to succeed. “Cardarelli’s never give up,” was a mantra my dad used to say when my sister and I were kids whenever we threatened to quit and the one I have chosen to keep in the back of my mind for whenever that “hill” decides to stand in my way.
What inspires you? 

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Inspired”

  1. Many things inspire me, but some of the first ones to come to mind are: my husband, my future kids (being healthy enough to see them grow up), my health and my sanity. I’m a runner, but haven’t felt up for a run in a couple of weeks. Your post makes me want to take off down the street — thanks for this! =)

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