Week 1

My first week of training went extremely well, especially considering my circumstances. I was up at school Monday through Wednesday, had my first two days at my internship Thursday and Friday then headed home Friday evening to head up to Vermont for a weekend on the slopes.

Although I was a little sore from pushing myself to the limit, I felt energized and empowered to keep up the good work. Until Sunday night. Somewhere along the line I must have caught some kind of bug because shortly after my 5 mile run, the stomach pain set in. Today is day two of flu-like symptoms and, of course, rest.

I feel pretty awful but what makes matters worse is the fact that my new Mizuno running sneaks been staring at me from across the room, begging me to take them for a spin. Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t wait to break them in, once I regain my strength and appetite…

Until then, I’ll be plopped on the couch, alternating between the t.v. and The Hunger Games. Yup, I gave in…and don’t regret it one bit. Hopefully I’ll recover from the plague soon. I can’t deal with this much downtime!
What makes you feel better when you’re sick? 

Sprinkled with Love,


4 Responses to “Week 1”

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. A hot shower, movie marathon and sleep all make me feel better. And those shoes are GORGEOUS! I may or may not have audibly gasped when I scrolled down to see the photo. I clicked through to the Mizuno site, but I noticed the shoes pictured there don’t have the cool cherry blossom detail. Did you customize them?

    • Thanks, Vanessa! I took a hot shower before my “lunch” of stovetop popcorn (light and airy is all I can tolerate!) and felt a little better. I got my shoes at my local running store…they are the newer Wave Precision model of the ones I’ve had the past 5 months or so. I’m sure if you look online you can find them? They were up on the Mizuno site not too long ago. I’ve been drooling over them for quite some time now! Regardless, I highly recommend this model if you’re looking for a neutral shoe! 🙂

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Being sick makes me feel so helpless…it’s awful! I have yet to read The Hunger Games, but at my internship yesterday, I was transcribing an interview from one of the cast members and now I’m curious to see what it’s all about! I usually don’t like books that get so hyped up…so we will see…


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