Instagramed Intern Fuel

Peanut butter, coffee, salad, repeat. Oh and a few restless hours of shut eye thrown in here and there. That’s what I’ve been running (literally!) on lately.

The spring semester of your senior year is supposed to be cinch. I mean it’s called “senioritis” for a reason, right?! Yeah, about that…

Mine has been anything but easy thus far but I can’t complain. The career-boosting, educational pros outweigh the tiresome cons. And then some. The good news is only TWO WEEKS stand between me and spring break. Let the countdown begin. I can’t wait to be cruisin’ through the Caribbean with nothing but a bottle of tanning lotion (spf 15, of course), a tiny bikini and a good book. Add in a refreshing beverage of some sort and you have one grinning, soon-to-be graduating gal! 

To compensate for my lack of Thursday/Friday “college life,” I’ve been eating a lot of good food. Dining out and trying new cuisine truly is my kind of weekend…I can’t feel guilty with providing my body the fuel it needs for training and commuting! My friend Laura and I checked out a new place a town over from us called Mad Gourmet, which I can’t rave enough about. Braised kale and beet greens stew with cannelli beans and grilled chicken? Someone just found the way to this foodie’s heart. I’m already thinking about what I’m going to try next!

My training is one of the few things that has remained consistent and strong ever since I made the 13.1 commitment. I’m so proud of how far I’ve already come and am glad that I have this one “constant” to keep me going. Only seven weeks until the big day!

I had to give you a little taste of the healthy meal I whipped up Saturday night. Powered by proteins, wrapped up in lettuce, this dish is going to blow you away. Save the drooling for when the post goes up hopefully today or tomorrow…it’s midterms week over here! Ew, bleh, gross. I know.

Ha, had to end on this note. I guess it’s time to do laundry when toe socks are all you have left. Injinjis are great, though, I do admit. Just take a little time to get used to.
What have you been running on? 

Sprinkled with Love,


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