What I Ate Wednesday (#nofilter)

Every Wednesday, many of my favorite bloggers participate in Peas and Crayons’ What I Ate Wednesday, where they share their meals from the day before. Like I’ve mentioned before, I love posts like this simply because it helps connect, understand and really get to know the people behind both the apron and computer screen a little bit better. Plus, you can’t beat the recipe inspiration!

So guess what? After weeks of putting “WIAW” on my to do list, I remembered this week. Well sort of…I may have forgotten to take a few pictures but here are the highlights.

Breakfast yesterday was nothing out of the ordinary. Two eggs over hard, sprinkled with nooch and chia seeds (not pictured), followed by a banana with crunchy nut butter. I decided to put a “Love Your Veggies Month” twist on the naner/PB combo by stealing an idea Aubrey, from I Talk To Food, put on Instagram recently: a green wrap. Thanks collard greens!

This semester, it has become a weekly tradition to get “swiped” into my favorite dining hall every Tuesday afternoon by one of my besties, Erica. Frequent trips to arguably the best salad bar on campus is always encouraged and mountainous piles of greens are consumed, which are always topped with an enormous helping of homemade hummus. This week was nothing different…ahem, the above photo was one of two plates.

Onto dinner. Since I leave campus for Manhattan Wednesdays after class, Tuesday night meals have become a schmorgesborg. I had to cook up a package or ground turkey before it’s sell by date so I paired a large serving of it with roasted asparagus and veggie chips (sweet potato and kale). To reward myself for a successful day of studying, I ended my day with a big bowl of air-popped popcorn (with a few sprays of liquid aminos and shake or two of nooch) to accompany me in my Smash catch-up session. Yesterday was clean eating at its finest!
What did you eat yesterday? 

Sprinkled with Love,


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