Spring Break: Part 1

I’m baaaaaaack! Didja miss me? I arrived home late Sunday night after having the time of my life and after not “thinking” (a.k.a. stressing about graduating, unemployment, classes, work, etc.) for a solid seven days, I needed yesterday to check back into reality more than anything. So here I am, ready to give you the low down on my time cruising on the Carnival Glory. I figured that since a picture’s worth 1,000 words (there are over 100,000 words-worth currently sitting in my iPhoto, plus videos…), I’d spread them out over the next few days while my sea legs get accustomed to dry land and my workload dies down a bit. Sound good? I hope…let’s hop to it then. Today’s post sheds light on the food. Typical. So unfortunately, I don’t have much raving to do in the food department. Let’s just say I’m so happy I packed snacks! The cuisine on the ship was less than stellar, in my opinion, yet let me remind you that my diet is typically made up of nothing but the most fresh, clean and unprocessed ingredients. As you can see by this first picture, taken in St. Thomas after a long day of sunbathing and swimming at Magen’s Bay, I was overjoyed to get a “real” meal in me. I had woken up early that morning to run 4 treacherous miles on the cruise’s treadmill which sounds easier said than done considering a rocking boat…so yeah, I needed fuel and couldn’t have asked for anything better. I unfortunately can’t even tell you the name of this wonderful, healthy lunch spot. I was too concerned with shoveling greens in my mouth.

The last picture was one of the best dishes I was served, conveniently on our last night, which was Carnival’s rendition of mahi mahi. Decent, yet definitely frozen fish and veggies…ok I now officially sound like a snob. If I may rant for a moment: I am a foodie and one of my favorite parts of vacationing is experimenting with the fare of the land. It’s one of the best ways to taste (literally!) the culture you’re engulfed in. When I had “Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk” in mind prior to us setting sail, I couldn’t help but think of seafood, fresh fruits, coffee and rum drinks. Luckily, once I got off the ship and explored a bit with my three gal pals/cruise roomies, we come across the cuisine I had been hoping for. I guess my expectations were set too high, so I have to blame myself for that. Moving on to more positive things…one of the trip highlights was when my girlies (Ashley, Erica and Lindsay who you will officially meet tomorrow) and I stumbled upon a little bar/veranda in San Jan called Ostra Cosa. We immediately fell in love with the owner/chef, Alberto, who made us his infamous passion fruit rum shots alongside a traditional Puerto Rican spread of rice and beans, salad, jumbo shrimp (which he had caught earlier that day) and cod fritters. To say we were in heaven would be an understatement. I don’t think we stopped grinning the rest of the day. I was also obsessed with the local hot sauce Alberto served everything with and was even more excited when we found a shop that sold it later in the day while wandering the streets! My adoration for a coffee place we found will have to wait until tomorrow so I can move onto my snorkeling excursion in Grand Turk. I got to try conch! I also enjoyed a big breast of spicy jerk chicken but back to the conch. I couldn’t get over how flavorful and delicious it was, served as a “salad,” although it reminded me more of a gazpacho with a cold broth and finely chopped veggies. So yeah…there’s my “what I ate on my Spring Break” post in a nutshell. Sorry for the negative rambling but it had to happen. Get ready for more fun in the sun photos coming atcha tomorrow!
How do you experience the culture of new places? Are you content with lounging on the beach or do you like to explore?

Sprinkled with Love,


3 Responses to “Spring Break: Part 1”

  1. It’s so disappointing when the food on vacation is less than stellar. I love the things that I eat at home, so when I am exploring new foods, I want it to be fresh and flavorful! I always try to do a lot of research before traveling so that I can find some great places to eat.

    • I can’t tell you enough how much better I feel that I have someone who “gets me” in this department! We are true foodies…I learned my lesson and will definitely pack even MORE snacks next time I’m on a trip, as well as following your advice on doing a little research!


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