Spring Break: Part 2

Oopsies! Yesterday slipped by me without my promised round 2 of spring break photos. Forgive me? Here’s what I meant to share with you all. Today’s theme: scenery shots.

From beaches and crystal clear water to old forts and pastel-painted townhouses, I was spoiled with last week’s sightseeing. I found leftover fine sand in the bottom of my bag yesterday as I packed up to head to Manhattan for my internship. It sent a sharp pain to my heart, I’m not going to lie. Take me back! I guess I can’t complain, though, as it seems like the sunshine followed me back to the states. High of 78 in NYC today? Don’t hate that one bit! Ok, that’s it for now…my lunch break is over!
Are you a sucker for sunsets?

Sprinkled with Love,


4 Comments to “Spring Break: Part 2”

  1. OMG where is your bikini from!?! Gorgeous pics!

  2. I love the change of scenery going on a trip, but not coming back! Whenever I return from a vacation, I seem to especially notice how dull Maryland looks during the winter time compared to pristine, sandy beaches!

  3. This is sad, take me back!

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