Spring Break: Part 3

This morning I completed the farthest distance I have ever run…10 miles. I felt absolutely amazing and was contemplating going an extra 3.1 to prove to myself I can do a half-marathon. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. My race is just a few short weeks away! I’m ready. To refuel, I stuck to clean eats of roasted veggies for both lunch and dinner. I’m absolutely pooped and going to turn in early tonight so I don’t have any problems working out the kinks of today’s long run tomorrow in an early morning 5k on campus. Before I flick on the television and fall asleep to some mindless reality show, I figured I’d leave you with one last look at my spring break. I swear, I’ll be done blabbing about it after this! I just had too much fun, can you blame me? Here are a few shots that didn’t exactly fit into the last two themed posts.

My tan is starting to fade and reality hit me hard this week. Lots to do tomorrow in preparation for the week ahead! Can you believe it’s almost March April? Yeesh, time is FLYING. G’night!
What was your workout today?

Sprinkled with Love,


One Comment to “Spring Break: Part 3”

  1. fyi….it’s almost April!! Oh well…..I am so happy that you had such a great time!! The pictures are really fun!

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