Salads, Running…What Else is New?

Well, I’m officially back in the groove of things. After my glorious week off (which I’m sure you’re sick of seeing/hearing about at this point…sorry), this week was daunting, overwhelming and full of huge portions of roasted veggies. Oh and enjoying the gorgeous weather. I didn’t need more vitamin D after my vaca, but I was deprived of other important nutrients so loaded up. And then some. I needed it, too, for my 10-miler yesterday. I still can’t get over how great it felt! Who would have thought, me…a “runner?”

Thursday and Friday’s lunches included delightful salads from Dishes, Venti iced coffees and basking in the city sun with the other editorial intern, Anna. Spinach, portobello mushrooms, edamame, bean sprouts, peppers, sunflower seeds and shredded carrots makes this gal a happy, fueled and efficient worker! So glad I found a new favorite lunch spot…pricy but worth every penny.

Thursday night Mike fired up his new grill. Grilling makes me happy. It reminds me of summer, BBQs and all the fun that goes along with it. We threw some chicken breasts and veggies on, popped open a bottle of wine and enjoyed the sunset on his apartment deck. Normal college living, right? Ha. Let me also add in that I taught him how to butterfly and pound out chicken. Mike was beyond himself and quite impressed with the outcome. Mind you, we had to use an actual hammer but you work with what you’ve got, especially in a bachelor’s pad, right? Anyway, we had an impromptu cocktail hour with my two old roomies, who are both currently living it up and killing it in the Big Apple. So proud of them. It was awesome catching up, eating a clean meal and enjoying the spring (heck, it was more like summer!) temps.

That brings me to today. This morning I participated, alongside some of my sorority sisters, in an Autism Speaks 5k philanthropy TKE holds on campus every year. Get ready, get set…I got first place for women. Woohoo! Bringing home the gold for Team Delta Zeta one stride at a time. Don’t tell anyone but I’m skeptical about the actual distance (I’m going to track it this week out of pure curiosity) but hey, regardless it was a great way to stretch out after yesterday’s long run, supported a good cause and 22:08 minutes at a great pace. I’m still waiting for my trophy. Ahem. Welp, off to do some homework before hitting the sack. An early alarm is set for an upper body workout before my 10 a.m. media literacy class. Just a few weeks left until my race! Ahh!
Are you a grill master? What’s your favorite thing to throw on the barbie?

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Salads, Running…What Else is New?”

  1. Congratulations on the run! You are amazing!! mom

  2. That’s an amazing run! Congrats, lady.

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