Hey there! Hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend! Mine was low-key, full of seafood (as you’ll soon see…) and was pretty good fitness-wise, if I do say so myself. Saturday morning Amanda and I ran from her house down to the water, a 6-mile jog with a solid, average pace of 9:30. I stretched out yesterday morning with a power vinyasa yoga class, yet struggled the entire time with my balance. I was kind of off but I guess that’s what you get when you pick fitness over church…I’m a bad person. With my race now just days away (I can’t believe it…my 15-week training flew by!), I’ve been trying to load up on fuel. Here’s a look at some recent eats and foodie adventures.

After interning Thursday night, I met up with Mike and his dad for a lovely, impromptu dinner at the famous Sardi’s in Time Square. I got the Seafood Cobb Salad, which was delish and really hit the spot! The crab meat was so fresh and I thoroughly enjoyed the calamari, even though I have been too scared to of it in the past. Something about thoe tentacles freaked me out…

Because of the holiday, I got out of work early afternoon Friday and headed home with Mike. We hit the gym and later met up with my gal pal, Bre, and her boyfriend for a double date at one of my favorite restaurants, the Guilford Bistro. It’s always fun to go out with fellow foodies! 

I ordered my usual, the Mediterranean Salad with Grilled Salmon. I love how the peppery flavor of arugula and bitter endive complements the sweetness of roasted red peppers and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Three bottles of wine and too many football stories later, we proudly shut down the place. Bre and I were ecstatic how well our guys got along and guess what Mike and AJ? We’re already planning where we’re headed for our next date night!

Saturday was a lazy day. After my jog, I met with a friend for coffee and headed for an unsuccessful outlet shopping trip later in the afternoon with Mike. How adorable, I mean incredibly masculine and handsome, are his new Sperrys? Although I have two papers due this week, senior events for my sorority and an assortment of other things on my agenda, I got nothing accomplished. Oopsies…

With my sister not home this year for Easter, the dynamic was a little different. Like I mentioned, I went to yoga in the morning instead of church…I blame it on the fact that the Easter Bunny brought me new running shots and a yoga mat. After I got back, my parents and I did got in the spring cleaning mode, keeping busy before our stomachs began to rumble for brunch. Brunch was healthy and tasty, consisting of salmon with roasted brussels sprouts, onions and sweet potatoes. I guess I have started to rub off on them, huh? I’m off to tackle a paper or two due this week! Lots to catch up on, as you could imagine. Official race count down: 6 days. Let’s go!
What did you eat for your holiday meal this weekend? 

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Eastergrams”

  1. oh my gosh laur, that picture of the sperrys is too cute. i can’t get over it

  2. My family and I enjoyed an Easter brunch as well–we had a crab casserole, a frittata, deviled eggs, bacon-wrapped asparagus, and plenty of dessert/holiday candy. It was delicious!

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