Tea in the Drawing Room

Alice: “This is impossible.”
The Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.”
Like any girl, I grew up loving Disney princess movies and fairy tale stories. This weekend, I was able to witness one of my own, well a soon-to-be “happy ever after” that is, at Heidi’s (Mike’s older sister) bridal shower. It was a page out of Alice in Wonderland at a quaint boutique and tea/espresso bar in Fairfield county called The Drawing Room.

We showered the future bride with gifts and love while celebrating with tons of tea time goodies. It may have been raining and miserable outside, but the whimsical tablescapes, flowers and overall joy in the room brightened everyone’s afternoon. I’m beyond thrilled for the quickly approaching June wedding and the fun festivities surrounding the big day. Congrats again, Heidi! Well, I’m back to hitting the books and finishing up the last few pages of my independent study that’s due tomorrow. My last day of my internship was Friday and now I’m wrapping up the semester. In just seven days I will be done with my undergraduate career. Forever. It will be smooth sailing after Wednesday but hopefully you’ll hear from me before then. Tata for now!
What was your favorite fairy tale? 

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Tea in the Drawing Room”

  1. That tea party looks amazing! Okay that right there is my dream bridal shower!

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