Lauren Lately

After experiencing arguably the craziest, most action-packed and chaotic months of my life, I’ve now had a little over a week of quite the opposite: nothing. Noon’s coffee cup number three has been rendered completely unnecessary and gym time can be spent rush-free without even a glance at the clock or my email. It has been different but I’m enjoying the r&r, especially in New York. Last week I headed in for fun. No internship or conference to attend, just plain fun. I grabbed coffee with a friend Thursday afternoon and Friday I finally saw Em’s new apartment before snagging a delicious lunch/smoothie/shopping with another pal. It was so lovely to soak up the hustle and bustle of the city without having much of an agenda. 

 Saturday offered a continuation of my lax but entertaining adventure. Mike and I woke up early for a jog in Central Park where we got in a quick sweat while admiring happy dogs prancing about in the summer sun. Early afternoon, Mike’s friend, Mark, and his Arizona native girlfriend, Michelle, arrived for a double date day. We hit up some of the must-see tourist spots, making our way down toward the 9/11 Memorial and South Street Seaport for dinner. We walked, walked and walked some more, earning ourselves a few cocktails! The weather and sunset were perfect so we sat on Mike’s balcony for a few hours taking it all in. I love New York and I guess I’m loving this down time, although would equally love getting paid again. I’ll start really worrying about that soon…

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Lauren Lately”

  1. Glad you’re enjoying a little R&R before the job hunt begins! You’ll appreciate it once you’re working full time! Enjoy summer! 🙂 Also I LOVE those shorts!

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