Chamard Vineyards

I had no idea that a vineyard could even exist on the shoreline of Connecticut, let alone be found basically in my backyard. Chamard Vineyards, a mere minute or two away from my Clinton Crossing stomping grounds, is a gorgeous 20 acre winery that produces about 6,000 cases annually. Yesterday I had the opportunity to not only indulge in their variety of whites and reds, but also lend a hand in the bottling process after learning a great deal about the bev’s arduous production ordeal. So much chemistry and wine jargon to sift through!

A few months ago my dad was invited to his cousin’s custom wine crush and this was the follow-up soiree, in a nutshell, the bottling of his cabernet sauvignon. It was delicious and way too much fun…well, what’s not a blast with a few glasses of crisp wine, sunshine and BBQ fare?

The yummy red grapes had been fermenting, pressed, settling and aged in oak for months now so yesterday was the final step. Everyone formed an assembly line, carefully making sure the wine was bottled without coming into contact with air. 

Mike and my dad were in charge of corking, a task requiring speed and upper body strength to say the least!

I, on the other hand, meticulously placed labels. Try doing that after a few glasses, yeesh…

It was such a wonderful afternoon and a great way to end my weekend. I’m so excited to have discovered this Wine Country-esque Shoreline gem and cannot wait for their restaurant to open this summer! Their Singer-Songwriter & Food Truck Series every Friday and Saturday sounds divine.
Are you a wine connoisseur? 

Sprinkled with Love,


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