brook vin

On Monday, Mike and I headed into Brooklyn to visit my gal pal Amy for her birthday. I was excited to prance around Park Slope, catch some rays in the park with an espresso in hand and treat her to dinner but my allergies, in combination with the rainy weather (and the fact that we missed our intended train to Grand Central), had a different plan in mind. Who else has felt like a zombie lately? 


That didn’t stop us, though. We cozied up in Amy’s old brownstone with a cup of tea and this AMAZING gluten-free banana bread, which was still warm from the oven before hitting up the birthday girl’s favorite restaurant a few avenues away for happy hour and an early dinner. I ordered their blue plate of the evening, a yellowtail ahi tuna dish with orange and fennel. It was heavenly. How gorgeous is that dish!? After enjoying my second cup of coffee, we took an impromptu movie jaunt. Great afternoon/evening if you ask me! Happy birthday again, Amy. You’re truly an incredible individual and an even better friend. 

Sprinkled with Love,


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