Branford Road Race 2012

I like running. I like doing so waterfront. I like the thrill of friendly competition. I like live music. And I like watermelon (endless supply at the finish line? Don’t mind if I do!). That’s why I was stoked to participate again this year in the Branford Road Race. Well, that and the fact that I got a discount on my new Mizunos (third pair of the Wave Precisions in a row!) if I signed up at SoundRunner. Pretty enticing marketing ploy…

I’m proud to announce that this past Sunday, Amanda and I beat our time from last year by a landslide. Hey, 5 miles are nothing to us now after our half-marathon! I ended up finishing 644th (out of the 2117…such a great turnout!) with a time of 41:49. Not too shabby, especially since I was NOT feeling it when I dragged myself out of bed that morning. Coffee and the smiling faces of my fellow runners above got me out of my fitness funk.

Amanda and Adam pushed me through the somewhat hilly course and I was extremely fortunate to have my biggest fans cheering me on at the last stretch. Kudos to my mom for another great, mid-stride action shot and happy father’s day again, Dad!

Let’s just say the tradition will continue on next year. You’ll find me at the same place, same time…with the same amount of watermelon in hand, surrounded by the same love and support.

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Responses to “Branford Road Race 2012”

  1. Congrats girl! What an accomplishment! And watermelon at the finish line is a really nice incentive!


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