As of Late…

Whenever I go a week or so without blogging, it’s hard to start back up or know where to even begin, regardless of the circumstances. Today is one of those days, however a little out of the ordinary. All weekend, as I’ve had some time to mull over recent events, I’ve tried to come up with an eloquent way to deliver some kind of inspirational message regarding counting your blessings or seeking the good out of every situation but I’ve struggled. As I mentioned a little while ago, two members of my family have been battling cancer. Unfortunately, my grandmother succumbed to her illness earlier this month, her service was on Tuesday, and then Friday (which ironically would have been my grandmother’s birthday…) my uncle passed away. I hate to ever be dismal or depressing on my upbeat platform here but it was an elephant in the room I needed to quickly address.


While things have been a bit rough, especially on my father who lost his mother and remaining brother in just a matter of weeks, I have never experienced the love and support our close friends and family have enveloped us in. From poolside and barbecue distractions to heartfelt, handwritten cards, words cannot begin to explain my gratitude for simple but monumental gestures. I’ve also never felt more committed to leading the clean, healthy lifestyle I strive to live. So to make light of such a not-so-fun post, I wanted to share some pictures of recent positives or “the good” in all of this. Sailing with the boyf and his father has been a treat, as was trying my first raw oyster — a daunting and slimy but beneficial experience, nonetheless. Watching my dad bring a brie burger to life (brie inside two thin patties, grilled for ooze-tastic results) after seeing them on the Food Network recently was also pretty fun. “Grill B!tch,” as we jokingly refer to him as, succeeds again! I’ve also been Instagramming lots of green smoothies, filled with superfoods like chia, bee pollen, spirulina, flaxseed meal, goji berries and cacao powder. Yes, it tastes a lot better than it looks. I swear. Perfect for all the heat we’ve been experiencing. So yeah, that’s what’s been going on. If it’s any consolation, I received some amazing news in terms of my professional life so that is one thing that calls for a bit of a celebration! I’m itching to get started, although my start date isn’t until late August. I guess I’ll just have to kick back and enjoy the summer while I have the chance, right? Well, thanks for listening today. I hope to finally post my homemade Larabars and cauliflower pizza crust adventure this week.

Sprinkled with Love,


6 Responses to “As of Late…”

  1. Oh girly I’m so sorry for all the hardships you’ve had this week! I am so so glad you’ve had family and friends to help you get through it though! And your food mentality is such a healthy and good one. I think that will take you really far!

  2. So sorry for your losses–it’s always hard to lose close family members, especially to an illness. My mom lost her mother and brother within a matter of a few months to cancer and though it was tragic, support from others made a huge difference in her grief period. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all! Looking forward to a date in the city soon!


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