Oh, Hi.

One month from now, at around this time, I will probably be doing the same thing—polishing off a plate of clean eats and snuggling on the couch with Mike while catching up on the newest episode of Suits. One thing will be quite different, however. I will have just gotten home from my first day of work. That’s right! In just 30 short days, I will be saying farewell to my lazy poolside days, drastic tan lines and mindless summer reads to re-welcome the Big Apple into my life.


I cannot wait to embrace the many unknowns that lie in my immediate future but know that I need to be enjoying every last second of this time off, being a feather in the wind, before taking my first step into the real world. That’s why I honestly just opened my computer for the first time in over a week. Oops? Is it really late July already? I feel like I just blogged about 4th of July. Weeks have been flying by like days, yet I have little to show for. But I like it like that. I’ve enjoyed waking up “late” (9 a.m. in my opinion), having nothing on my to do list but hitting the gym and spending as much time outside as possible. Can you blame me? So to quickly catch you up to speed here’s all that’s been going on with me, between my healthy meals and sweatastic workouts.


 In between puppy/housesitting last week, we had family visiting from Baltimore, my uncle’s memorial service and I celebrated an amazing five year anniversary with Mike. Throw in lots of yoga, a new workout plan courtesy of oneresult.com (which I was introduced to thanks to my abs-olutely fit friend, Ali!), Friday farmer’s market trips and a boatload of seafood. Let’s just say that the puppy situation, alone, was no easy feat. I’m happy to announce that I am no longer in a rush to get a dog, although having a cute 11-month-old boxer as a running buddy was fun. I’ll spare you from the other mushy gushy details but will say that I’m glad the sad stuff is over and am blessed that my relationship with my high school love is still going strong. I also want to mention that my breakfasts have been super charged lately (I’ve been diggin’ it, literally and figuratively!) thanks to sweet potato, almond butter, hemp hearts topped and two fried eggs. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

Sprinkled with Love,


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