Bloob Overload

After filling up my bucket yesterday with bloobs, as I like to call them, I snacked and weaved my way back through the bushes of berries to find my sister. While I watched her intensely (but delicately) pluck the fruit one by one from the branches in an athletic, crouched position, she voiced the exact thought that had been ringing in my head, “There’s something therapeutic about this.”

It was a hot. We were both dripping sweat—yes, literally. But it was a mindless activity in the sunshine with birds singing around us, kids competing for “who can fill their buckets first” and I mean, come on, think about the benefits we walked away with: $21 worth of nutritious berries! The gorgeous Bishop’s Orchards is a hop, skip and a jump away from where I live, yet one of those local places I seem to always forget exists. So quaint and lovely. I’m itching for apples to be in season and also need to get my hands on some of their wine. Like how good does a glass of Apple Raspberry Blush sound right about now? Or Honey Peach Melba?

So now the question is, what the hell do we do with all these berries? I hope to answer that this afternoon. I’m thinking muffins or maybe some kind of bar. This weekend I’ll be participating in the 2nd Annual Okemo Mountain Challenge (just the 5k this time around!) with my crew from the Branford Road Race so I’d love some kind of treat to bring along for our outdoorsy trip. Be on the lookout for the recipe!

After returning home with our large quantities of berries and stuffed (borderline upset) bellies, I talked my crafty little sister into helping me make a cute running top for my race. Thanks to Pinterest and this awesome tutorial, Kru got right to work with a pair of scissors and turned my old, drab Hanes V-Neck into the sporty knotted tank pictured below. The girl is talented.

What is your favorite (and healthy!) blueberry recipe?

Sprinkled with Love,


4 Comments to “Bloob Overload”

  1. I thought I was the only person in the world who calls blueberries bloobs. 🙂

  2. Not necessarily healthy, but homemade, low sugar blueberry preserves! Sorry….just love them!!

  3. Cobbler!! Not healthy but fun 🙂

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