Conquer the Mountain!

I completely underestimated my race this weekend in Vermont. When my dad asked me if I had been training for it, I replied, “I can do a 5K in my sleep.” Uhh, well karma can be a “you-know-what” because the Okemo Mountain Challenge was no cake walk. Let’s just say my goal of running the entire thing was completely disregarded half of a mile into the climb to the summit. At times, speed walking with long strides proved to be more efficient than a slow-paced jog. At least that’s what I kept telling myself…


Sweat dripped off my nose as I concentrated on the placement of each step, careful to not twist an ankle on the rocky terrain. I kept imagining myself slipping in the grass and somersaulting backward down the narrow, steep trail. My brain kept questioning my abilities, telling me to quit. My legs felt (and still do!) like jello. Whoever named this event was right. It was a challenge.

 Although it was tough, I’m really proud to say I finished in 44:53 minutes, earning third place in my division. After Mandy, Brian and I made it to the top, we waited to cheer on our crazy 10-miler, Adam, to make his way back down (he had to climb a little higher before making his descend to the base).


I am still in awe…like who does this? Maybe next year…

My favorite part of the race was obviously taking the chairlift down. Although it was cool, overcast and cloudy (could we have asked for better running conditions?), the sun came out just in time for our scenic ride. The view was breathtaking. Tips up!


After the three of us hydrated and made friends with other racers, some whom ironically live in our neighboring Connecticut towns, Adam finished strong. He certainly earned that bbq meal card! And then some. Rain and small thunderstorms came our way the rest of the afternoon, putting a damper on our plans however I think we were all a little relieved to have an afternoon/evening on the couch with the Olympics, a movie and lots of snacks. Sounds like a vacation to me!

So just another race to check off my bucket list. I hope that by next year I’ll forget how challenging it truly was and be up to conquer the mountain again. Maybe go the full ten? We’ll see. In other news, my running pals and I aren’t finished with our summer races just yet. The Guilford Sea Leg Shuffle is this Sunday. See ya there?

Sprinkled with Love,


4 Responses to “Conquer the Mountain!”

  1. Holy Moses! Congrats on 3rd place for your division — AMAZING! That looks like an absolutely awesome, good time. If I’m free next year, I will do that one with you — that race looks like it deserves a special trip up north!


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