Empire State of Mind

Holy real life! I’m moving into NYC tomorrow and start work in less than a week. Luckily the Olympics are officially over so I haven’t had that many distractions keeping me from packing and figuring out what I’m going to need living with two guys for a month. (Yep, you read that right. The boyf and his roomie have been kind enough to let me crash at their apartment until their lease is up at the end of September. Fo’ free.) Oh wait, Shark Week started yesterday. Good thing I’m a great multitasker, as well as a total nerd! Know what else made for a nice diversion? Seeing Mike for the first time in a month.

The man has been busy working behind-the-scenes for the Olympics, “in house” from Manhattan, but that has meant a crazy schedule. Ahem, starting at 3 a.m. So what’s a guy to do when trying to get back on track? Caffeine. We got all cute the other night making an early dinner and then went to watch the sunset while sipping on some Starbucks. I couldn’t get over how gorgeous the view was, which of course included my hunk. Nights like these make me question if I’m cracked up to being a city girl. I do miss New York but there is something about the smell of salt water and honey suckles, the warm breeze and sound of rolling tides that just fits. Sweatastic long distance runs by the water will also be greatly missed. I’ve been soaking up every last one of them.

Ugh, I’m getting all “end of summer” on you. So back to packing. It’s pretty funny what items are on my priority list. Workout clothes and sneakers were the first things to hit the suitcase, followed by my Sparkly Soul headbands (hey, nothing pairs as well with sweat than a little bit of sparkle!) and Spibelt. Then went my blender, protein powder, favorite spices and popcorn. Hey, the city is pricy and I gotta have my essentials! That’s how far I’ve gotten and let’s just say my big, hot pink with white polka dot luggage is already half stuffed. So now it’s time for me to make room for the professional attire. Oops! I’m going to need that. It will be funny trading in my pinny/Norts (Nike shorts) ensembles for a more presentable appearance, that’s for sure. Well I better get back to the task at hand. Wish me luck!

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “Empire State of Mind”

  1. wishing you an awesome adventure filled with all things wonderful! and sprinkles too.

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