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It’s funny how fate works. I never really believed in it, to be honest, until I met Mike. Whether you’re a believer or not, one thing is for sure: strange things happen or people come in and out of your life at pretty ironic timing. Life happenings like bumping into the kid who had kindly helped me with my bag on the train at the Yankee game can’t just be a coincidence. Add in the fact that my roomies and I were sitting just seats away from one of my sorority sisters (like, come on, out of ALL the seats in the stadium!?) and you can see how the “universe” or whatever can be just plain creepy. I don’t know if destiny had anything to do with me connecting with one of my favorite bloggers, Colleen, (I mean we do share many passions, ambitions, foods and fashion so I could just chalk it up to that…) but regardless of who/what I have to thank, I’m glad I finally got to meet the girl behind Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill earlier today.

I was really excited when Colleen had reached out to meet up in the city before she went back to Maryland but I was also a little nervous. It was like a real date! What if she didn’t like me or thought I was a total weirdo? Would she feel like I was different in person than the blogger you all know and love? She is so fashion forward that I contemplated my outfit too long to have time to blow out my hair. (The ballerina bun ended up being a good decision, though, trekking in the heat.) All the jitters fell by the wayside, however, when she walked into the Whole Foods by Columbus Circle and said, “I almost wore those same shorts,” while giving me a big hug. A J. Crew gal after my own heart. We talked over lunch like we were old friends and both couldn’t agree more on how although we had never met, we just clicked. I mean, she reads my blog and I read hers so we kind of know each other…right? Our conversation was so great right off the bat that I even forgot to take a picture of my salad and Instagram it. Woah, I know. A nice stroll through Central Park and people watching followed, as we discussed the wonderful world of the blogosphere, social media and, well a whole lot more. It was such an amazing afternoon and I’m glad to say I walked away with not just a “blog aquaintence” but an actual friend I hope to stay in touch with.
Do you believe in fate or do you think it’s a crock of you-know-what?

Sprinkled with Love,


4 Comments to “Blog Date”

  1. wwwoooo REALLY interesting storry :-p

  2. Words actually can’t describe how jealous I am of this lunch date. Love both of your blogs!

  3. My roommate quickly looked at your post and said, “I feel like you two have a lot in common–I could totally see you wearing that outfit!” Go figure considering we have the same shorts (and I’m sure many other J.Crew items!). Such a fun weekend with you. Thanks again for inviting me out. I hope Allie had a good birthday!

  4. I’m so glad you had such a fun meet up! I’ve never had a “blogger date” before but I always wanted to! Like you, I’d be super nervous! Next time I’m in the NYC/CT area I would really love to meet up though!

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