Productivity and Ex-Roomies

Yesterday was quite productive. Don’t you just love that? I even slept in! By noon, our entire apartment was scrubbed, vacuumed and organized. Two loads of laundry were washed, dried and put away. I even squeezed in a sweatastic workout DVD. Seriously, I was dripping. What a great way to start off my 4-day holiday weekend! Now, you may have just noticed the whole “our apartment” thing. Well, I have an exciting announcement. Mike and his roommate decided to resign their lease for another year. The best part of the deal? I was invited to stay. And so cohabitation begins! I think they just like the fact that I cook and clean…well, whatever I love the location, building and the company I’ll be sharing it with. Plus, the fact that Mike and I will be splitting rent isn’t too shabby. Next project: redecorating.


After making a refreshing post-workout spinach and banana smoothie bowl, I got ready and headed out to meet my gal pal, Amy, for a much-needed girlfriend afternoon. We got mani/pedis in between my place (ahhh! sorry, it’s so weird to be able to officially say that now!) and her work. My toesies are still a sad sight to see without two nails–uh thanks, running–but the Essie’s Smokin’ Hot on my fingers make me so happy. The color is a rich, glam gray, reminding me of mink. It might be my new favorite fall hue. The photo doesn’t even begin do it justice!

After getting pampered and caught up (neither of us read a single page of the magazines we pulled to indulge in during our pedis…), I decided to introduce Amy to the love of my life: the nearby market I cannot stop blabbering about. She was in shock. The Park Slopean–did I just make that up? Possibly.–even bought some items to schlep home with her! Our dinner purchases included three zucchinis, a bunch of Brussels sprouts, four large beets, an eggplant, four lemons, plus a few other items we needed for our own refrigerators. We then went next door to get salmon. Grand total for a dinner party of four? Roughly $25. Unreal, right?


We were too hungry to do anything special, seasoning-wise so simply baked the Brussels sprouts and fish while grilling the veggies. Fresh ingredients, appreciated for each of their individual flavors and topped with a squeeze of lemon? Now that’s what I call a delicious, nutritious dinner…on a budget! I giggled when Amy asked if I had nooch or liquid aminos, both in which I recently introduced her to have become staples in her eating. It was great hangin’ with my old roommates, who lived with me and G in 143 three years ago now. With Em settling in her new apartment yesterday/today and my news of officially moving in, it was fun to see how far we have come since our days in Storrs, CT. Although I’ll be living with two guys for a year, it’s reassuring to know I have such amazing, close friends here with similar values…most of which include great eats! The best part of the whole night? Our decision to make this a monthly tradition, taking turns hosting and meal prepping. Like.
Did you have a productive start to your Labor Day weekend?

Sprinkled with Love,


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