A Lazy Sunday

After crossing so much off my to-do list Saturday, Mike and I enjoyed a doubledate night out on the town with friends, Bre and Anthony. Thanks to the awesome Living Social deal us gals purchased, we enjoyed cheap laughs ($20 for two tickets and two drinks) at The World Stand Up Comedy Club before heading back to our apartment to continue our fun on the rooftop–with a quick pit stop for $1 slices thrown in there.

As if my last post jinxed me, yesterday I wasn’t as productive as I had planned, work-wise. I’ll have to make up for that today. However after an early wakeup–my mental alarm roused me from my slumber at a not-so-lovely 6:50–I made breakfast in bed for my man and myself using leftovers from a spicy veggie-filled quinoa and convinced him to go for a stroll. After months of living off Muscle Milk, he has certainly been eating like a king since I moved in. This morning he got his new favorite “hot chocolate oats” as I’ve been calling them, which includes 1/2 cup Earnest Eats Mayan Blend, 1/4 cup regular oats, 1 cup milk, 1 scoop of Chocolate Muscle Milk powder and topped with a scoop of peanut butter, sprinkle of stevia, cinnamon and frozen berries. He’s so spoiled.


So back to our romantic stroll. We. Walked. Far. Let’s just say we left a little after 9 and didn’t get back to our place until, oh, 2:00. We had intended on just walking up to Central Park but found ourselves gravitating toward the water first, enjoying the Hudson and views of a lone sailboat. We discovered the Hudson River Park, where I plan on running after I finish this here post, and watched a sorority’s philanthropy race along the way. After making our way up into the high 70s, we cut over to Central Park and weaved our way through, seeing the Conservatory Water, Zoo, among other things. Halfway through our walk, I smiled to myself realizing how little conversation we had shared in the woods. We were both lost in our own thoughts, enjoying the sounds of nature and patter of our strides. 

We emerged near Fifth Ave. when realized how much of an appetite we had worked up. Insert “Operation Find a Place with Large Portioned Salads.” We wandered and wandered some more before coming across the Renaissance Diner’s extensive menu and outdoor seating. Done and done.


We both toyed with the idea of an Acapulco Salad (organic greens, mango, orange, yellow and red peppers, topped with chicken, shredded coconut and orange dressing) but decided on a spicier alternative, a Mexican Salad with marinated chicken, avocado, mango and a cilantro lime dressing, was what we were jonesing for. Fueling up on a hearty salad and a big cup of tea energized me enough to squeeze in a 3-mile jog on the treadmill later while shamelessly watching old Hills episodes on MTV. The rest of the afternoon was lazy…

He was pooped. Sorry I’m not sorry for being a stalker, Mike. I skipped nap time but was in bed by 9. Yep, wild Labor Day partying for this gal! Well, I’m off to go back to where our journey started yesterday for a nice slow jog. Lots to do today to prepare for the upcoming week, including some meal prep I hope to share with you–I haven’t forgotten about my lunch talk! 
What fitness fun has filled your holiday weekend?

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Responses to “A Lazy Sunday”

  1. Love that you guys had so much fun and saw new sights!!


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