What’s Up, October?

Wow. So it’s October. Where has the time gone? I honestly couldn’t tell you. It’s funny how fast a month blows by when you’re working — and enjoying every second of it. Part of that territory, however, has been a lack of culinary creativity and blog inspiration, as you may have noticed. Sorry but after a long day of editorial work, whipping a post together and/or an interesting meal consisting of anything but a green smoothie and omelet just isn’t high on the priority list. I hate that and I’m really going to work on it. I’ve missed the blogosphere and remember, this whole thing is new so there’s still hope!

Here’s an attempt to reclaim my blogging dignity after weeks of leaving you all in the dark. This past weekend, my mom and I took a road trip to visit my sister for her Family Weekend. I had only ever been to her school, UNH, once way back in my field hockey days so it was great seeing her campus, touring her sorority house and shopping around nearby Portsmouth. Although the weather was less-than-stellar, we had a great time. (Well, besides the fact my mom and I barely slept a wink in the crappy Comfort Inn we stayed in…thanks to a few hot messes of a bridal party who were staying the room next to us. UGH.) Kru is Little Miss Popular on campus, has a new boyf and navigated us around the gorgeous area like a champ. I’m so happy and proud of her. Unlike New York, fall was in full swing, which was fun to dress for and every restaurant we went to had seasonal menu items we took advantage of!

I recently was talking with two friends over lunch about how little I miss college (I know, I’m weird but the real world has been treating me too well!) but being back in that environment made me extremely nostalgic. Piling two bowls to the brim with salad bar fixings in the dining hall, seeing my sister’s sorority sister getting ready for a fraternity party across the street and just the cozy, rainy weather in general (the best days to skip class and watch movies in bed….) made me want to go back. It’s utterly depressing to think that I’m too old for that now, that I’ll never get to do that again. Well, the cozy rainy days, yes, but only on the weekends. 

Anyway, today I’m back to reality and coming to the realization that it’s October, fall and that my years of sorority squats, homework, dining hall eating, etc. are behind me. It took me one weekend after five months of being out of it to really sink in. I’m scared for how I’ll be feeling two weeks from now, when I head back to UConn for my first Homecoming as an alum. Sad face. Instead of ending this post on such a sour note, I want to highlight what I love about this season.

1. Pumpkin-flavored anything. Surprise, surprise. I’m no different than any other food blogger out there! Oh, and anything to do with apples: apple picking, baking, eating…you know the drill.
2. Boots. I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on these babies. Aren’t they gorg? Too bad I’m cutting my first rent check today. Bye, bye money.
3. Running. Nothing out of the ordinary here but isn’t it just glorious to 
trot along in the crisp air with crunching leaves under your feet and the smell of a burning fire?
4. Layering. Fall ensembles I think are my favorite simply because you can make anything look chic, thanks to layering. Flannels, skinny jeans/cords (ahhh hello, corduroy! I’ve missed ya) with a jean jacket or quilted vest. Like.
5. Soup. Mike and I have already been plotting our first batch of chili! Remember last year?
What’s your favorite thing about fall?

Sprinkled with Love,


2 Comments to “What’s Up, October?”

  1. Even though I’m still in school, I’ve been having similar feelings lately. Everyone on campus just looks so young! Glad the real world is treating you well, though.

    I have that same vest and those Frye boots! Love them!

  2. Love the boots! You should go for it!!

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