The C-Word

I think fear is the worst, most horribly exhausting emotion. I have never been a fan of scary movies, I despise roller coasters (speed + height + stomach drop + lack of safety = no thank you) and I have felt a bit uneasy in elevators ever since I was trapped alone in one as a young teen. The past three weeks or so, though, have been scarier than all three of those combined with my terrorism and spider phobias. Six letters, one powerful, life-altering word. Cancer. Thanks to a lot of hope, prayer and, of course, modern medicine I am thrilled to announce that my biggest fear of all will not have to be faced. My dad is healthy, recovering and cancer-free. You know those signature, dramatic movie moments where characters are so happy they don’t know what to do with themselves but dance around, crying, laughing and embracing one another like crazy people? Well, I guess those actually happen in real life. At least that’s what happened when my mom and I received the good news. Yay!

Besides hanging with the patient in the hospital this weekend (note: hospital food sucks like a lo with limited healthy options…catch-22?), I celebrated with a run along my favorite shoreline route with my favorite running buddy, Mandi, a mani/pedi from my favorite nail salon and my favorite salad from my favorite restaurant, followed by my favorite dessert — froyo, ahem, pumpkin and chocolate topped with coconut flakes and some bloobs, to be exact. So yeah, just wanted to report my incredible weekend. Fear, be gone! If they’re one thing I’ve learned from all of this it would be, as perfectly put by The Hunger Games, “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.” Positive thinking really can go a long way. And, as always, love.
What is your biggest fear?

Sprinkled with Love (especially for you, Dad!),

PS: This is my 200th post! Woah.


3 Responses to “The C-Word”

  1. This is such fantastic news! It will make vegas an even greater celebration, him and you running down the strip… I’ll probs tear up about it cause I am right now!!! haha ❤

    • Thanks, Chel! Ahhh I’m still floating on Cloud 9. So excited for Vegas and am beyond thrilled you’ll be there to cheer me on at the finish line. And yes…even more to celebrate now once we’re there! ❤ miss you, girlfriend!


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