Hello there! I’m Lauren. Welcome and thanks for stopping by Sprinkled with Love! I am a recent college grad with a passion for writing, cooking, exercise and leading an all-around healthy lifestyle. SWL was launched in September of 2010 as a semester-long project for an online journalism course and has since spun into quite a lovely hobby of mine. I have lived in a small, quaint town on the shoreline of Connecticut since kindergarten and was a three-sport-athlete throughout my high school career. Born and raised in a household that values top-notch cuisine (my father worked in the restaurant business for 25 years) fueled my knowledge and overall interest in food. I enjoy trying new things and putting my own healthy spin on favorite meals. With my blog, I strive to document and share my ideas, recipes, new-found fascinations, sweatastic workouts alongside some random, personal life happenings. I recently completed my first half-marathon and can’t wait to reach the finish line of the next! Follow me on Twitter (@SprinkledwLove), Facebook or email me at LC.SprinkledwithLove@gmail.com! Please don’t be shy: I appreciate feedback, post suggestions, etc.! 

Random things I adore:
my iPhone, Pinterest, magazines (I love too many to name a fav!), green tea, Lilly Pulitzer, the smell of Christmas, purple nail polish, shabby chic decor, Robert Frost poems, anything nautical or beachy, sunsets, J. Crew cardigans, traveling, sushi, pearls, museums, The Great Gatsby, black inked ball point pens
only, long runs by the ocean, True Blood, sea glass, country music, Sperry’s, grocery shopping, Burt’s Bees, P90X, bows, the Roaring 20’s, ballet flats, being in good company…


19 Comments to “About”


  2. Very cool Lauren

  3. Lauren, I said I was going to cook and write about your creative Italian Egg Drop Soup and I mean it. Check out my blog:
    http://www.themightyrib.com on Saturday, Jan. 15 for my complete review of your recipe. I’ll cook it and do a full write-up on what I thought. Every Saturday, I do a cool feature on my blog called Test Kitchen. I choose a recipe from a food blogger from around the country. Yours has me intrigued!


  4. Hi. I found your blog through Jaclyn Rae. She’s always so inpirational. I’m jealous that you get to be in NY. I’ve always wanted to live there but fear will never do. Lucky for you. Enjoy your dreams and your internship.


  5. uhmm seriously? just read through the random things i love thing, and literally the only thing we differ on is that i have a blackberry! hahha your blog is so cute, i’m glad i found it!

  6. seconding samantha! and i have a blackberry too. your blog was a fun find, mine is so boring lately 🙂 love reading your posts!

  7. Just found your blog. Glad I found a fellow comm major! Loving your posts so far

  8. So happy to have met you today at Joy Bauer’s luncheon. I can’t wait to keep in touch and get together again soon. Keep up the amazing blogging; you are fabulous!

  9. Hey! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I’m so excited to have found yours. We have lots in common and I look forward to reading more 🙂

  10. Lauren, I love reading your blog! P.S. I’m also an ahi-tuna fanatic!

  11. I love this! Recently stumbled across your blog and seriously can’t stop staring at your food photos. Those plates have my name ALL over them – lots of veggies, lots of grill marks. That’s pretty much my perfect pre-race meal. Yum!

  12. Hey Lauren! I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog AND following your healthful pursuit!

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