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  1. Hi my name is Lauren,
    I came across a few articles you wrote most of them about fitness because I can tell from your website that you love fitness and being healthy. One article of yours I read in particular was about fitness and the apps for fitness now. Well I wanted to tell you about a website and app I recently fell in love with, it is called Fit Radio. Fit Radio is designed for listening to music while you work out. Like Pandora Fit Radio contains different channels, but unlike Pandora Fit Radio is made up of different DJs and their mixes split into different genres. It is designed with the idea to get you motivated to work out to music with more of a beat, because face it who wants to work out or get motivated to anything slow or down. When I work out I like a good song, one I’ve heard before but in a whole different light to make me want to work out. The DJs are from all over, ranging from Tay James (Justin Biebers personal DJ) to Jump Smokers who have created songs for Katy Perry, Britney Spears, etc. I believe in Fit Radio one hundred precent and think it’s a really great way to get a good work out in with the right kind of music. They are an up and coming company, but if you look at Pandora and IHeart radio they were too at some point so time will only tell how big they will soon be. If you want to check it out more you can look at their website or download their free app on any app store. Thank you for your time, look forward to hearing from you!

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