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December 8, 2012

Vegas (According to Instagram)

The past week or so has been a blur–especially with the time change/travel–and although I got back from my Vegas adventure Monday, I have yet to unpack. My apartment is a mess, I’m behind on all of my favorite shows and haven’t read a single blog, let alone blog myself. So let’s rewind. Last Friday started off er, well…interesting. I guess “an adrenaline rush” would summarize my trip to the airport. My reserved car service never arrived, I went to the wrong airport (how you mix up Newark from LaGuardia, I couldn’t tell you…) and I paid over $200 in cab fare to make up for my blonde moment from hell. I learned my lesson so I guess something good came out of the whole thing but still, I’m not made of money! I considered that my “loss” in Vegas. That’s right, who doesn’t hit the slot machine or play a little black jack in the gambling capital of the world? This girl. It could have been worse. Somehow I made it my flight with time to spare and, after treating myself to a blissful holiday cup of red eye perfection, I boarded my flight. Phew! Four hours and three friends later (25D, 25E and a fellow racer), I landed in Sin City. Watch out, lame soon-to-be 23-year-old coming through! (NOTE: birthday countdown = 9 days. Ew. Let’s not talk about it.) 

IMG_3219 IMG_3222IMG_3226 IMG_3229IMG_3236 IMG_3245IMG_3263 IMG_3279

Remember my friend Chelsea? She met me and my parents out there, how freaking awesome is that? The now brunette has been living in Cali since this past summer–tough life, I know–and brought a whole lot of fun to the trip. First item of business? Bury Grandma. No, I’m not joking. My mom carried her on the plane (yes, United Airlines was aware and yes, this is what she wanted…to be laid to rest out there with her late husband) in a lunch box. Burial? Half-marathon? What kind of Vegas trip was this? Not your typical one, that’s for sure. Need another example? Chel and I had fully intended on hitting the Strip like normal people our age a few nights (she even brought me club appropriate ensembles, since clearly my J. Crew wardrobe wouldn’t cut it) but we never made it out past 11:30. We preferred our luxurious Imperial Place hotel room, I mean Palace…ahem, please note the sarcasm. (The first “a” in “Palace” no longer lights up outside of the construction site. Little did my mother know that when she booked it. “But the photos online looked so nice!” Yeah, mom. That’s what the place will look like in a few months.) Anywho, more to come on my second half-marathon and all…I just can’t think straight at the moment. It’s officially the holiday season! Holy craziness.
Have you ever been to Vegas?

Sprinkled with Love,

April 11, 2012

Hungry Hungry Hippo

I’ve been ravenous lately, eating everything and anything in sight…hungry hungry hippo-style. Well, that is if a hippo ate squirrel/bird food with the copious amount of nuts and seeds I’ve been consuming. I don’t know what has gotten into me, especially since this is the least strenuous week of training. Maybe it’s the fact that I subconsciously am loading up for my race at the end of the week? I’ve also been under a bit of stress with a lot of work due this week so maybe that’s the culprit.

Who knows and who cares. I’ve been listening to my body and powering through a hectic past 72 hours thanks to lots of healthy grub. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what was gobbled up yesterday. Warning: I forgot to capture quite a few things…don’t hate me!

I snoozed my 6:00 a.m. alarm yesterday morning for a full hour. I was not feeling an early start, apparently. After FINALLY dragging myself out of bed, I made a fruity smoothie to power me through a light cardio/ab workout. 8 oz. of Silk Light Original, a plain Chobani, 1/2 of a frozen banana, 2 tbsp hemp seed protein and a handful of strawberries was blended into a thick treat, which was then topped generously with flaxseed meal, chia and raspberries. So. Good. 44 people liked the picture above on Instagram, which naturally put a smile on my face!

I was on the go for lunch, working on two papers with Bre that were due today, so munched on an apple with soy nut butter and two hard boiled eggs at Starbucks, alongside too much caffeine. Baby carrots, red pepper slices alongside two or three servings of sunflower seeds were later consumed before a quick nap. Sleepy and hungry, what is my deal? Waking up rejuvenated, I tackled dinner and homework (while things were getting toasty and browned in the oven). How pretty is that bed of spinach? Roasted veggies and edamame topped a huge salad, which I then drizzled with balsamic vinegar, a little cayenne pepper and nooch. Super satisfying! Popcorn was shared with my roomie later on at the kitchen table, as we tackled the crazy amount of work we have left before graduation. Alrighty, I’m off to class! Running on coffee, as I’m sure you can tell…such a big week!
What’s your favorite smoothie ingredient? 

Sprinkled with Love,

February 29, 2012

What I Ate Wednesday (#nofilter)

Every Wednesday, many of my favorite bloggers participate in Peas and Crayons’ What I Ate Wednesday, where they share their meals from the day before. Like I’ve mentioned before, I love posts like this simply because it helps connect, understand and really get to know the people behind both the apron and computer screen a little bit better. Plus, you can’t beat the recipe inspiration!

So guess what? After weeks of putting “WIAW” on my to do list, I remembered this week. Well sort of…I may have forgotten to take a few pictures but here are the highlights.

Breakfast yesterday was nothing out of the ordinary. Two eggs over hard, sprinkled with nooch and chia seeds (not pictured), followed by a banana with crunchy nut butter. I decided to put a “Love Your Veggies Month” twist on the naner/PB combo by stealing an idea Aubrey, from I Talk To Food, put on Instagram recently: a green wrap. Thanks collard greens!

This semester, it has become a weekly tradition to get “swiped” into my favorite dining hall every Tuesday afternoon by one of my besties, Erica. Frequent trips to arguably the best salad bar on campus is always encouraged and mountainous piles of greens are consumed, which are always topped with an enormous helping of homemade hummus. This week was nothing different…ahem, the above photo was one of two plates.

Onto dinner. Since I leave campus for Manhattan Wednesdays after class, Tuesday night meals have become a schmorgesborg. I had to cook up a package or ground turkey before it’s sell by date so I paired a large serving of it with roasted asparagus and veggie chips (sweet potato and kale). To reward myself for a successful day of studying, I ended my day with a big bowl of air-popped popcorn (with a few sprays of liquid aminos and shake or two of nooch) to accompany me in my Smash catch-up session. Yesterday was clean eating at its finest!
What did you eat yesterday? 

Sprinkled with Love,

January 15, 2012

Food Porn and Shoe Shots

I hate goodbyes. I mean, I guess I don’t know anyone who particularly likes them, but I realized how strongly I dislike them this week as I left my winter internship and job. I had such an amazing experience and enjoyed my time off from school. My only complaint: it flew by way too fast! I cannot believe in a matter of days I’m starting the spring semester of my senior year. The good news: I don’t have to say goodbye to Manhattan anytime soon. I’ll be there twice a week until May, interning at another magazine! Yay! I can’t wait to get started.

Anyway, here’s a look at my week through Instagram. Random but pretty. One of the most important lessons I learned about living in New York is the importance of comfortable chic. Slouchy sweater, skinny jeans and oxford slip-ons make for a cute, but practical-for-walking work outfit!

Daily lunch: spinach salad with avocado, grilled chicken, veggies and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

Tuesday morning I had the privilege of attending an Activia event on FITNESS’ behalf to learn about the importance of probiotics in your diet. The three course breakfast was divine and absolutely gorgeous, thanks to pastry chef and Bravo’s Top Chef Just Dessert judge, Johnny Iuzzini.

Check out the almond encrusted french toast. Simply out of this world! The crunchy coating had a gooey inside and a cut out middle filled with yogurt, berries and fresh herbs. Can it get much better than that?

Panna Cotta at 10 a.m.? Why not? You only live once.

I’m on a pretzel/chocolate kick, especially when it comes to gifts. Post to come on the Valentine’s Day-themed treats I made for everyone at my internship! Aren’t they pretty? 

Last but certainly not least, my newest purchase: Michael Kors booties. I’m obsessed. Warm, comfortable and oh so cute! Sorry for slacking on recipe posts. I haven’t been too creative in the kitchen lately… 

Sprinkled with Love,

October 5, 2011

Life According to Instagram

It’s October. One month of my senior year has come and gone already. Is this real life? Someone pinch me. I came in this year differently than ever before with one thing on my mind, to focus purely on enjoying my last year as a husky…soaking it up for all it’s worth. Instead of staying in, worrying about next week’s exam, a pressing deadline or the scariest, my future, I decided this year was going to have a little less anxiety and A LOT more fun. I need to live up my last college year whether my GPA likes it or not. Right? Ok, ok that’s a little extreme but you get what I’m saying. I may be spending less time in the kitchen or in front of my computer, blogging last night’s meal but that’s not because I don’t love Sprinkled with Love or you, for that matter. It’s just that I’m currently a little distracted with the wonderful, exciting world whizzing around me. I’ll let my Instagrams do the storytelling of last week…

Raw fish with fresh ginger in my belly? Like. Finding hot dogs for my besties while tailgating Saturday’s game? Mission accomplished. A much needed manicure with OPI’s new Get in the Espresso Lane? Check. A home-cooked meal Sunday night (unpictured) and getting to pat my buddy, Nate, on the head? Good boy. All in all, things are pretty good on my end. Except for my achilles tendon issues but I won’t get into the fact that I’m an accident-prone mess, falling apart one limb at a time. Focusing on the good!

Sprinkled with Love,
PS: I swear I’ll have some recipes up here soon…that is what my blog is supposed to revolve around, right? 

May 10, 2011

Sorry I’m Not Sorry

See ya never, Blackberry. There’s a new Sheriff in town: the iPhone 4! Yay!

My life has already changed for the better. Follow SprinkledwLove on Instagram!
Are you an iPhone lover or hater?  Any must-have app suggestions?

Sprinkled with Techy Love,